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I honestly dont know how to start this. I thought about writing this for a long time but just hadn't gotten around to it. Also sorry in advance but I'm a horrible writer. 

Anyway, so I was at my boyfriend (now ex)'s house a few years back and I was in the guest room cause even though we were both in college his mom was weird about us being in the same bed. I didn't care but what happened that night made me never stay there again. So I woke up in my bedroom at some random time at night to what i can only describe as a demonic baby crying.  (I know you'll want to know what time but i honestly didn't think to look) The only thing I could think was WTF. I was more confused than scared. So I got up and went to the corner of the room where it was coming from (maybe??).  Maybe it was something in the dresser? Something outside? Something from the vent? I honestly couldnt figure it out. So I opened my door and went into the hall where I could still clearly hear it. Still confused, my ex's sister came out of her room and I said something along the lines of "do you hear that?" She responded with a quick "yeah" and i was like "those arent your rats by any chance are they?" (she had some pet rats in her room) She looked at me like 'are you fucking kidding me?' and said "No." So at this point I think maybe I should go wake up my then boyfriend.  When I go to wake him up, I can still hear whatever the damn thing was from over at his door and they're a well off family so this hall is pretty damn long. I go and open his door and whisper to him that something's in my room. He groggily looks at my confused and obviously doesnt hear me so I say it a bit louder "There's something. in. my. room." and the noise stops. Like it heard me. I'm like the fuck. wait a second. and go back to my room. I'm looking around and by the time my then boyfriend gets there I confusedly tell him 'I could've sworn something was making a noise in my room but he didnt hear it and now probably thinks I'm just hearing things. He just looks at me like i'm crazy and tells me to go back to sleep. Eventually after laying there with the lights on for a few minutes I do (I have narcolepsy so I guess that's not hard for me).

The next morning I tell his mother and she says something along the lines of it must have been a coyote. So his sister and I look up multiple animal calls and nothing sound like it. So i give up for now. Once we get back to college, I get a call from his mom and she says that she didnt want to scare me before, but that their house is 'close to the veil' and she had a shaman friend she can call up to find out what i experienced. I figure what do i have to loose and agree. She asks me for some odd written statement saying 'I _my name here_  give _shaman lady name here_ permission to look into what happened at the house of _date_night.' A few days later I get a call from my boyfriend's mom again. She says the Shaman found that - get this - my grandmother had a curse of sadness and when i was born she cursed me with this in the form of a Monkey spirit and while at that house it tried to speak to me. She further said that the shaman dispelled it and that i should feel a lot lighter now. I'm like 'wow you cured my depression' (sarcasm). Anyway I hang up and laugh because why would I believe something so damn weird. But then the weird thing is I look up monkey cries and they were almost the exact same damn sounds as what I heard coming from that corner that night. So now I'm just left thinking what the actual fuck. Did I get pranked by my boyfriend's mom? Was this actually real? I mean, if someone was going to lie about something like this at least they'd make a more believable story right? I've sat with this for years and I dont talk to this guy or his mother or sister anymore but I still wonder. What the hell did I hear this night?
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