This happened during the summer of 2008. For context I'm a gay male and at that time I was in a relationship. We'll call my then boyfriend Marc for privacy reasons. Marc was 35 and I was 30. It was July 4th weekend and my boyfriend wanted to go camping. As he always has every July 4th. Usually going with his ex-wife and son who is 7. However since he is now out of the closet and wants to take me with him. A little about me I'm definitely not a outdoor kind of person. I don't like dirt I don't like bugs or wild animals and the thought of not having running water or a roof over my head terrifies me. Ya I know I'm spoiled rotten. As reluctant as I was Marc persuaded me to go and reassured me that this would be a weekend to remember. Well he didn't know how right he was.
He told me we would be leaving Friday morning which was the 4th and would come back Monday morning. As we both lived in San Jose California the nearest place to camp would be the Santa Cruz mountains near Felton and Big Basin Boulder Creek vicinity. We were going to go off map in a more secluded area to experience nature and less people.

We headed out Friday morning around 7 a.m. it was about a 45 minute to an hour drive on the car ride there Marc told me about these people that supposedly live in the mountains. First thought that popped in my head was Wrong Turn and The hills have eyes. I told him that and he chuckled and said no but there are some similarities. He explained in great detail that these people were uncivilized not socialized and unlike the rest of us in society and could possibly be dangerous if we encountered one of them. They basically live like cavemen and inbred? Yes they very well might be. He told me even though he has never come across any of them he knows they exist and has even been told by his brother that they do indeed exist. Having just heard this I flipped and told him it's a good thing you just sprung this on me now because you and I both know I would not have come along with you knowing this information. He explained I'm just letting you know not to frighten you but to inform you of anything should happen but nothing will happen I guarantee it. Oh really? I said and how can you possibly guarantee me that? I always come prepared he said. If you don't believe me then open my glove compartment he said pointing to the glove box. I did as he asked and opened the glove compartment inside I noticed a leather case. I pulled it out what's this? Fearing what I already suspected it was. I opened it and right before my eyes was a revolver. A gun basically I don't know what kind or anything all I know it was a black gun. This is your guarantee I suppose right I told him. Yes you must of known on some level that I wouldn't take us out into the middle of nowhere and not have us protected he said. I guess maybe in the back of my mind I thought ya but seeing it now makes me very uncomfortable I said. Then also knowing that there is s slight chance of something happening for you to bring that gun makes me more scared then anything else I said. He didn't respond he took his hand off the steering wheel and grabbed my hand and held it tight. He looked over at me and said I will not ever let anything happen to you. This weekend is for us to enjoy each other's company and that's what it will be. You'll see he said. He did a good job of reassuring me because I didn't think about the gun again.

We reached our destination not too long after that. All around me was just nature. Trees and trees, branches rocks and boulders everywhere you could barely see the sky from all the trees blocking out the sunlight. We begun to unload everything from his Toyota Sequoia. I was impressed by what he had brought. A 2 bedroom Tent, a king size air bed and a portable generator with 3 outlets to run power off of. Wow I said maybe this won't be so bad. He smirked that smirk that I loved, now that I think about it i think it was more of a arrogant smirk. Well my cell don't get any service whatsoever and was basically useless but I did use it as my MP3 player. Smartphones were just starting to make there way available to us but I had my Motorola KRZR then and was ready for the upgrade. Marc said ya well I need the power because I do have to get some work done this weekend as he pulled out his laptop from the back seat. What am I suppose to do go play outside while your working I said. Don't be like that I seen all the books, magazine's and your Nintendo DS so you obviously had ways to occupy your time as well he said. He was right I did bring things to entertain myself and was absolutely delighted that I could enjoy them longer with the help of portable electricity.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were uneventful. We took hikes, made campfires, took naps relaxed and barbecued. I did actually enjoy myself. That is until Sunday night. We were in bed Marcos was asleep and I was reading a R.L. Stine fear street book (yes I know) but I love those books. I thought I heard something in the distance. Now I was kind of used to the little noises of animals like chipmunks and squirrels running around through the leaves but this sounded more distinct. Footsteps not that of a 4 legged animal it sounded more human like someone was trying to walk as quietly as possible. No no I thought it's just my imagination from reading this book. I set the book down and started to strain to hear more. Closer whatever it is it's getting closer. A bear? Maybe? I looked over at Marc who was sound asleep. Contemplating what to do the footsteps reached the tent. Right above our heads was a zippered screen window that we had zipped closed and that was where whatever it was outside had stopped. I held my breath all I could hear was my rapidly beating heartbeat. I heard someone else breathing. Not Marc whoever it was outside. I wanted to wake Marc up but I knew if I did he would make some kind of noise and that would alert whoever it was out there that we were awake. That was when I heard a click. I know that sound it's the same click sound when I open up my pocket knife. Oh my god I thought this is it this is where I'm going to perish. Damn you Marc I thought. I knew this was a bad idea. That's when I heard a scraping sound running across the tent. I knew what they were doing they were running that knife all around the tent. Taunting us. I knew this person had to know 1 of us was awake why else would they be doing that. The sound of the blade went all along the side of the tent and came back around to where we were. Then started again. It was then I nudged Marc to wake up. Marc I whispered Marc. He started to groan what and I said shhhh shhhh please. I whispered there's someone outside. I couldn't see his face or anything for that matter because I had turned off the reading light. There is someone outside I whispered. Look! I then saw a flashlight shinning on the tent. Marc reached over the side of the bed grabbed his case and pulled out that revolver. He yelled Stop! Whoever the fuck is out there I have a gun and I will not hesitate to shot you In the face! Leave now or I will! The flashlight switched off and whoever it was started to walk away. Not even a speed walk just casually walking away and without any light and it was pitch black out there. Marc held onto that gun as I lay there in horror. Silence nothing. We didn't say a word just listening for any kind of sound.

Somehow in all that chaos I must of fell asleep because I woke up to Marc shouting my name to come outside. I rubbed my eyes and looked at my watch it was 6:15 a.m. and it was already light outside. I darted up and ran outside to see what he was yelling about. I ran to him to see him kneeling down by his tires. Slashed I looked at the other ones and they too were slashed. The driver side and passenger side window had been shattered. What the hell I shouted! What are we going to do now? Marc grabbed my hand and said we are going to walk back to the main highway as fast as we can before whoever did this comes back. My wallet! I cried I need my wallet my keys and my phone. My phone was still in the tent inside my bag. I rushed over to the tent grabbed my messenger bag realizing oh wait my wallet and keys are in the glove box. Oh shit! I said the glove box I ran over to the Toyota swung open the door to notice the glove box was torn open and everything gone. I started to cry. Realizing that this situation is too much for me to deal with. My heart sank into my stomach and my knees got weak. I felt like I was going to faint. Marc they have my driver license my house key my money and bank cards I cried. Fuck! Marc yelled so loud I heard his echo in the distance. Let's go now he said. It's only about a mile and a half to the highway we're going to have to flag someone down or find a call box since my phone is dead he said. Don't say that word please I told him.

Weak and scared I started walking with him down the dirt road we drove just a couple of days prior. As we walked I could sense there was someone or something else near us. I had that feeling of being watched. Oh no I thought please let us get out of here in 1 piece. Marc I said he stopped me putting his finger to his lips and said I know I don't think we're alone I can hear leaves crunching I think we're being followed. Just keep moving and know what I told you on the way here I mean it. I will do whatever I have to to protect us I won't let anything happen to you. Thank goodness for that gun I thought but I wish we weren't in this predictiment to begin with.

Speedwalking got me tired and thirsty. Then I could hear cars in the distance. We almost there I said. Ya we are just a little more. Finally reaching the highway I pulled out my phone and I had a signal! Not much battery but just enough for us to call the police and Marc called the police. They were there in less then 5 minutes. 2 patrol cars arrived. Marc explained everything while I sat on the curb. I was questioned about the events and said all my identification and cards were stolen and my house and car keys. The officer told me to cancel all those cards immediately and have my house locks changed asap. He. Suggested also to have the vehicles lock changed.

2 more officers arrived taking Marc and I back to the camp. I really didn't want to go but having the police with us I felt somewhat safe. Marc had called his insurance and was expecting a tow truck there soon. When we arrived 3 of the officers looked around took pictures questioned us some more and sealed off the area with yellow tape. Made it look like a crime scene which I guess it was because a crime did take place there. The officers asked Marc and I if we had any idea who or why someone would do this. I said no and furthermore I didn't tell anyone besides my mother and best friend that I was coming but I didn't say where. Marc said he only told his ex-wife who was at home with their son. I thought maybe her because she obviously didn't like me and the feeling was mutual. I brushed that thought out of my mind because it was almost impossible for her to pull it off. Also Marc and I got together way after they were divorced. It wasn't like I broke them up and turned him out. All her rage at him was then directed at me but she don't scare me and I could handle her and didn't see her as a threat.

The officer explained to us that it was most likely a isolated incident and it could have been someone who most likely didn't agree with our alternative lifestyle. Big surprise I thought but even this was extreme and I wasn't really buying that load of crap the officer was telling us. Seemed like he knew more then what he was telling us. So what's going to happen now I said. The officer told me well we have your information and report we will investigate and we will search for fingerprints and other evidence. If and when we come up with any leads we will let you know. You might have to testify against any culprits we apprehend. Until then he said get all your locks changed cancel your credit cards and let us know if you come up with any new information. Great I thought so that's it. The officer couldn't give us anymore information as to who or why this happened.

About 10 minutes later the tow truck arrived. We gathered all of our belongings. I was confused that nothing in the tent was stolen not even Mark's laptop. Now if I let my imagination run wild I could think of other things that didn't make sense but I didn't want to go down that path.

On the way back to the city I was so much in disbelief. I wanted to say to Marc I told you so but he looked so hurt and confused I couldn't do it plus it sucked to be right I mean I really did want to enjoy myself this weekend and it started out pretty good.

I got home immediately cancelled everything had my mom call the locksmith and change all the house locks. I made a appointment for my car to get the locks changed and left it in the garage. I was still tense just knowing someone had my address and keys. Even though they couldn't unlock my house door that wouldn't stop them from breaking in.

Nothing ever came of the situation or if it did Marc never informed me of it. We spoke about it and he was constantly checking in with the Police Department. He bought a new SUV he didn't want any kind of reminder of that weekend. I agree on that.

We broke up a few months later for other reasons. I always wondered if he ever went camping again after that or if he ever regretted that weeend. As for me Its been 12 years since that horrible weekend I now live in a different state where people do camp a lot. Good for them. I haven't camped since then and I never will again....
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Great story man!😎👍
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