Brandon Krystynak
I've been driving trucks for the past twelve years but I've been over the road for the past six years now and I've driven all over the U.S., Canada, kuwait, and Iraq and I  have seen a lot of stuff. From fatal truck wrecks to things I cant explain. Here are a few stories of my experiences as a big wrecker operator and as a long haul trucker. 

When I first started out I worked for a big wrecker rescue company doing tows and working car and truck wrecks. One night I got called out to tow a car about an hour away. Once I dropped off the car and was driving back to the shop I started to get very sleepy.

I was coming down what's called Sewel mountain when all of the sudden I saw a woman in a white flowing dress walk right out in front of my truck. I slammed on the brakes and when I  finally came to a stop I got out terrified thinking that I had just hit someone,  but when I looked at the front of the truck and underneath it there was no blood no woman and  no damage to my truck whatsoever. There was just black marks on the asphalt and the sound of my truck running.

Needless to say I didnt get sleepy for the rest of that night.

When I finally got home and was able to go to bed the woman in white kept appearing in my mind over and over again but after a while I just played it off as me just being tired and my eyes playing tricks on me but when I told a friend of mine that lived in that area about what I though I had experienced he looked surprised.

He then told me that several years earlier a woman had been brutally murdered on that mountain and since then other people have claimed to see a woman in a white flowing dress around that same area.  My next story isnt a driving story per say but more about the nightmares,  yes literal nightmares. I have nightmares about driving down the road in my rig and out of nowhere cars will just appear stopped in the middle of the road for no reason and just before I have a chance to hit the brakes I wake up sweating.

I've had this nightmare more times than I can count and I've been asleep in my truck and even at home when I have them. It's always the same scenario but different locations.

Once when I was teaming I started having the nightmare and when I saw the cars and went to slam on the brakes my codriver who was driving at the time really did have to slam on the brakes. I woke up feeling like my heart was going to jump out of my chest.  I thought the nightmares were just something only I experienced but after talking to my uncle who used to be a long haul trucker and several other old school truckers they all told me that every trucker has nightmares after they do this job long enough. I've  just come to accept it as something that comes with the job. My last story is another big wrecker rescue story. I worked twelve truck wrecks while working as a big wrecker rescue driver and this doesnt include all of the car wrecks but this wreck in particular had to be the wierdest accident I ever worked, it also paints a scary picture of how inexperienced some of these new drivers are and how little they are trained now.

I got a call one night that there was a tractor trailer turned over on a west bound exit about nine miles away from our shop. I was the first driver on the scene and saw that the trailer had indeed turned over but the truck was setting upright.

I walked up to the truck and knocked on the door when the driver stuck his head out of his window I just scratched my head and said bud I just have to ask how did you get the truck unhooked from the trailer before it turned over on its side? He told me he had to get diesel fuel. I looked at him a said "and you unhooked your trailer why" in which he responded with I didnt think that my trailer would fit under the pumps and i told him if his trailer wouldn't fit then his truck wouldn't fit, and I also said if you did have to unhook your trailer then why didnt he just unhook it on the diesel lot and he simply said I dont know. When he unhooked his trailer he dropped it on a shale bank  and the trailer was hauling eight or nine of those big six thousand pound rolls of paper from the paper mill and when he pulled his truck out from underneath of trailer the shale bank shifted causing the trailer to turn over.

I asked him how long he had been with this company and he told me that he was still on his ninety day probation period. I looked at him and said your were just fired.

He then got offensive and asked how do you know and I said trust me when you call your company and tell them what you did their going to fire you on the spot. We had to give him a ride to our shop so he could call his company and was on the phone for roughly ten to fifteen minutes and came out of the office with a grim look on his face and said that they fired him. I just looked at him and said I tried to tell you. To all my truckers out there thank you for what you do. Be safe.
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