My Three Ghosts

This story is not really scary, at least not to me but I can assure you it is true. I really could care less if anyone believes it or not, as I am not really sure what to think of these events myself, maybe I am crazy? But if I am crazy then my whole family and all my high school friends and ex girlfriends are crazy too, as they all experienced similar things in my house. These are just some of the strange things that I can recall happening in my old house.

When I was 13 my family and I moved into a very old house. Now when we moved in the sales lady told my parents that in 1944 a man and his two daughters, one 16 and one 9 years old lived in this house and were murdered by their next door neighbor, who when was arrested claimed he was possessed by a spirit and it made him kill this kind family.

I didn’t really believe in the paranormal and nothing really scared me, Nightmare on Elm street has been my favorite movie since I was 6, so when my parents told my sister and I about the events that happened in the house I wasn’t really phased by it, neither was my sister come to think of it. The events that took place in this house though were not that of malicious nature but rather odd in some circumstances. For instance chairs would be moved across the kitchen, put up next to the counter as if a child needed it to reach something on the high cupboards. I know what you are thinking my sister did it. If you knew my sister she wouldn’t do anything like this because she would always ask me to do it for her instead, just the sort of a “please big brother...” kind of mockery slash also lazy way for her to get what she wanted.

Over the years more and more weird things would happen. my mom was in the laundry room and seen a man out of the corner of her eye working on the work bench and she got startled but then no one was there when she looked again. The sightings would become more frequent and not really typical ghost like sightings at all, if that makes any sense. I would have friends stay over and they would hear a girl laughing and running around playing and ask confusingly if my sister was home, when they knew my parents and sister were out. I was use to it I guess and would tell them “Oh that’s just one of the girls who use to live here, I hear her playing all the time,” some of them were creeped out, others thought it was cool that I lived in a haunted house. Ghosts and goblins and that sort of thing don’t scare me, sharks? Now sharks scare me, but I digress. I was never afraid of being alone most of the time my parents worked so it was just my sister and I at home and we never felt scared or threatened by anything in that house. Some nights I would feel fingers running through my hair or the soft brush of fingers on my arm well I would be laying in bed, this actually happened almost every night for years. It never bothered me, as strange as it sounds, I just thought I was dreaming, and maybe I was, teenage hormones after all.

When I started dating girls and bringing them over however, things got a little more weird. My at the time girlfriend and I would be in my room making out as teenagers do and things like the hangers in my closet would all start swaying back and forth violently, the guitar strings on my guitar would strum as if someone ran there fingers across it. My girlfriends would confess to me they never liked being alone in my room because they would feel like they were getting pinched or someone would tug on their hair, or the door handle would rattle as if someone were trying to open the door. More than one have described this happening, I have never experienced it myself nor was I present at the time of it happening.

We got a dog who was about three years old, just a rescue dog from the pound. One day I heard him barking and growling like crazy, just going completely insane and I heard a young girl scream, I ran into my parents room to see my dog had cornered a small girl who was crying and looked scared shitless. My dog had never acted like this before but we only had him for a few months so I didn’t know what his history was like, I yelled at him to stop and he would not yield so I grabbed him by the collar and tugged on him, dragging him out of the room and locked him in my sisters room. I quickly returned to my parents room to where the girl was, to check on her make sure she was ok and that the dog had not bitten her. When I entered the room, it was empty. I had never seen this girl before but I assumed she was one of the many neighborhood kids that comes over to play with my sister and she came in to use the bathroom. See there is a park across the alley from my house and my sister would frequent there and she befriended most of the kids there from the neighborhood and because it was so close the kids would come and use our bathroom because then they didn’t have to go all the way home and risk having their parents tell them they could not return to the park and play. I thought that maybe she was so scared she ran outside and in the struggle I had subduing my dog I didn’t hear her run outside. I went out the back door to look for the girl, still wanting to make sure she was ok. My backyard was empty so I went to the park looking for her, strange I thought to myself, only my sister and another boy were at the park today. So I asked my sister, “did you see a girl running out of our house? Rio just went ape shit and tried attacking her.”

“No...” my sister replied. “why was there a girl in our house?”

“I don’t know, one of your little friends using the bathroom probably” I said, a little confused.

“No one has been at the park all day, just us” she said, referring to her and the boy, who’s name I don’t think I ever learned, but I did recognize as he has used our bathroom before. Now I didn’t really know what to do, my parents weren’t home and I didn’t know how to deal with someone being bitten by a dog and what the legal fallout would be, so I wanted to find out if this girl indeed had been bitten, I told my sister to wait in the park till I get back because I did not want her going into the house with our dog in case he was rabid or something. I walked the neighborhood asking our neighbors if they seen a crying girl who may have been bitten by a dog or if any of their girls had been bitten. All of them said no they hadn’t or that they weren’t.

Feeling like it may have not been so bad I decided to go and check and see if my dog had calmed down. I got home and called my parents, telling them what had happened and that I am not sure what to do, Rio was still in my sisters room whining at the door, but I was still unsure about him. My mom said to leave him locked in the room till they got home. I went and told my sister that she could come home and that mom and dad would be home in a bit.

When my parents returned, my dad went and opened the door and Rio came out like nothing was wrong and was happy to see everyone, although he did go to the bathroom on my sisters floor, other than that he was a happy go lucky dog. As I have said the neighbor kids would use our bathroom frequently and Rio has never shown any aggression with any of the kids before, in fact they all pet him and love him up, and he just takes it and loves the attention so this was rather odd. My parents decided to find another home for him as they did not want to risk one of the kids getting hurt, we were a pretty close community and my parents didn’t want to start a riff with any of their neighbor friends.

There were other events that went on over the years my mom and sister would share things with me, They had to move because the house burnt down due to a crazy neighbor lighting our house on fire while no one was home. Rather than rebuild, my parents moved to another state for my dads job. But my family as well as friends and several ex girlfriends all knew and agreed openly that there was a strange presence in that house, a day after the whole Rio incident attacking the young girl, when I was just about to fall asleep I heard a voice of a young girl whisper “thank you.”
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