To start off I'm a female, I'm currently 16 and my grandma worked as an rgm (restaurant general manager) since I could remember until taco bell went under new management and... when she was diagnosed with cancer, so I've seen many of the restaurants near where I lived in my youth and my grandma's original boss would let me and my older sister go in on early weekend mornings with her well this happened once I turned ten and my sister around eleven. I always believed in spirits and all that and I'm sensitive to these things; I am a seer and my zodiac sign is Pisces and my sign is gifted with the ability to sense and see things, my mom's parents (including the grandma in this story) both have ancestors from different Native American tribes the Blackfoot and Cherokee tribes and both sides have a history with Wicca, and my dad's side the Irish version of Wicca. My dad even has practiced it, saved his friend from a dark spell her brother tried to use on her, anyway I always sat at the corner booth a big window by it; it was my families usual spot.  Now the story happened on a Sunday, I was sitting at the table playing with some small toys I brought; my sister was in the back helping my grandma make the rice for the day so I was alone in the front of the store when I felt watched from behind (i have sensitive nerves in my back so I don't like people behind me) I turned to look out the window... I swear even to this day that I saw this big black mass shaped like a tall man with bloody red eyes, horns, sharp teeth that smiled when it saw me, and worst of all the darkest aura I have ever felt even to this day when I now practice my ability while it was walking out of the drive-through lane to the employee parking only about a yard away from the same window I was looking through then I blinked and it was gone but from then on if I sat in front of that window I felt watched and if I was in the bathroom alone I'd hear whispers that stopped whenever anyone walked in. I never told anyone even my best friend who's family also has deep Wicca history in her families past.
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