This happened 2 years ago.


It was a warm, late summer night.

I was 16 years old and riding my 125cc through my village.
I was just going out to clear my head as I was going through some difficult times and the sound of a v-twin always calmed my nerves.

Almost all of the ride was completely quiet and uneventful and gave me the peace and quiet I was looking for.

I was going toward a dead end road which led to some lakes so I could turn around and make my way home.

About half way through the road I saw someone wearing all white, just walking down the road.

Now this wouldn't be too strange as this was a common path for people to be taking a walk, if you didn't mind the fact that it was 11 PM in the middle of the night and this person had no lights with them.

There are no houses along that 2 kilometer stretch of road so I'm not sure what that person was doing.

I slowed down out of instinct because pedestrians are unpredictable.
That was a mistake.

As I was about halfway past the person they let out the most violent sounding scream I have ever heard.

My heart instantly started racing and before I could figure out what was going on the person charged at me while I frantically tried to get into the lowest gear possible.

I saw the person in my mirror as I cracked the throttle all the way open.
Now for people that have no clue about engines, a 125cc is extremely slow and the initial acceleration on the one I had was barely faster than a person, it also didn't help that I'd changed the front sprocket out for a bigger one to save on gas by reducing cruising rpm.

The throttle was still wide open and I was approaching 9000 rpm and I was getting ready to shift as I felt a hand harshly hit the rear of my bike.
I ended up over revving the bike all the way until 13.000 rpm because I did not want to shift while that person was within arm's reach.

The person kept up with me until I hit 27 km/h, there I slowly started to lose them.
I did not slow down, but only after I'd lost sight of the person I remembered that this road ended in the forest.

Which caused me some more panic.

As I approached the end of the road I remembered that there was a small gravel path that's meant for hiking.

This was an older bike as well so it still had a regular light switch, usually more modern bikes have their lights set up so that you can't turn them off when the engine's running.

I instinctively turned off my lights as I shifted all the way into 5th gear to make the least amount of noise possible.
I followed the gravel path all the way back to a regular road.

I was speeding and I was constantly looking behind me.

Even as I got onto the regular road, I continued speeding.
When I finally got home, I was trembling and soaked in sweat, I opened my garage door and stored away my motorcycle, while still looking at my surroundings the entire time.

I ran to my door as fast as I could and slammed it shut behind me, I also locked it, just to be sure.

The next day I called one of my friends, who I told about it and asked him to come along.
I walked into the forest which was right next to the road to look for tracks because I thought someone had set up some stupid prank.
But I couldn't find anything, the only tracks that were there, were mine and my friend's.

I searched both sides of the forest along the entire road but I found nothing.

I'm usually not someone to get scared easily and I'm no small guy either at 185cm tall with an athletic build.
But that scream, I have never heard anything like it and it sent chills down my spine.

I get spooked by just thinking about that terrible sound.

I told this story to 3 of my friends before, they took me serious as I usually don't scare easily or make anything up.

This was the most frightening encounter I've had while riding my 125 at night.

Looking back on it, I feel like I could've fought the person off, especially because I was wearing full motorcycle gear, but that when I heard that scream my mind just told me to run, it was so loud it felt like that person wasn't human.

I have avoided that road ever since and I don't intend to ever go to that road again.

I still don't know what that person was doing there, in the middle of the night, without any light, in the middle of nowhere, wearing all white. There are also no asylums anywhere nearby as an escapee from such a place was one of the first things that came to mind.
I just can't come up with a logical explanation for this.

I don't want to think about what could've happened if that person would've caught me.

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