I'm 18 year old female, this event happened in January of this year.  My dog Ben passed away in March of last year, he'd been with since the 4th grade. I made vow to wait two years before getting another dog but in December that vow was broken when I started helping out at the local animal shelter, I fell in love  with  two 12 month old dogs, a Doberman Pinscher named Jack and a Rottweiler named Johnny.  The second week of January I started noticing a white truck driving by every day. My dad even questioned it, but no one knew who it was.  One day I was home alone, and I had the urge to look outside. I saw the same white truck, I got scared so I called my boyfriend, Seth over. As soon as Seth pulled up the white truck sped off.  Getting to middle of January I was outside when this middle aged man came up to me and started asking me weird stuff like what size undies to I wear. Well my boyfriend was over helping my dad and he must of saw how uncomfortable I was so he and my dad started walking over and the man left. The next day my parents left to go to another city for their anniversary. My parents gave me permission to have my boyfriend over while they were gone. My boyfriend worked from 10:00 in morning to 3 in the afternoon. So it was just me and my dogs. At 2:30 in the afternoon while he was at work, I decided to walked my dogs. As we were walking back the same white truck drove by so we ran back home. I told my boyfriend and he asked to have time off until my parents got back and his boss agreed. That night would be one of the scariest nights of my life. At 3:00 in the morning I got up to go get a drink of water, as I'm almost to the kitchen someone grabs me from behind and covers my mouth. I was forced to the ground and I look up and it was the same guy that I encountered a few days before. Seth came to see where I was and he was knocked out. He was tied to a chair with his mouth taped shut, he was forced to watch while the man violated me. The man locked had locked my poor dogs outside, they kept barking and pawing at the back door. The man had left the inside door open and my dogs finally busted through the window on the screen door and tackled the man, biting and mauling him. I untied my boyfriend and he called the cops. The cops were there real fast. The cops arrested the man and me and Seth were taken to the hospital. My dogs stayed at the house. After we got back to the house, we called my parents and they rushed home. My dogs were awarded for their bravery. This event drew a wedge between me and Seth for a couple of weeks, but are back together. The man was put in Jail and is awaiting trial.  I shake at the thought of having to face him again. I'm glad I adopted Jack and Johnny. They are two of the best dogs I've had. Since that day they have never left my side.  Thank you for listening.
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