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This is a story my sister shared with me when I told her about this website, why she doesn't create her own profile is beyond me.
My sister is a Tom girl,always was, always will be.
When she was eleven she had a freind she would spend time with on weekends.
When the weather permitted they would sleep in a tent behind her friend's house,  doing girl things most likely.
Her friend's house was near a shallow creek, on the other side was the remains of an old barn or large shed.
They never went there because the snakes where plentiful along the creek but would often throw rocks at it as a sort of game.
According to my sis, something must have gotten annoyed because rocks were being thrown back at them larger ones the size of half a cinder block.
And with deadly accuracy, one fell very close to landing on her foot.
The girls decided to pitch their tent in the front yard that night, keeping the porch light on as a security precaution.
I would describe this act as brave, but stupid.
That night was quieter than usual, not even the neighbor's dogs were barking at passing cars as they usually do.
My sister tells me the porch light began to slowly dim while a foul smell slowly began to build up.
She described it as rotten fish wrapped in cinnamon.
When the light went completely out they could hear a faint rasping gurgle and somthing shuffling around just outside the tent.
Occasionally  brushing up against it.
My sister's freind carefully unzipped the tent, trying not to make too much noise.
The noise stopped as soon as they got it open.
They peeked carefully out but couldn't see anything. Probably meaning the thing was on the other side of the tent.
It was very late at night and they were locked out so they tried to squeeze through the garage window.
They managed to get in but barely.
The creature made a gurgling grunting noise and they heard it approach.
Not wanting to waste time they didn't bother to close the window and ran into the house. 
A decision that they soon regretted.
They noticed what few lights in the house were dimming and the smell of rotting fish was building up inside the house.
Both girls hid in the closet of her friend's bedroom.
Noises of somthing very heavy could be heard moving around the house. Waking up the parents.
They heard voices taliking.
"Keep it down! Your making too much noise!"
Then, "Honey, what is that smell?"
"Why won't the lights come on?"
The sound of a door opening, the a yell of "What the #### is that?!"
Thumping of running, a woman's scream.
"Get my gun! Get my gun!"
Seconds later a loud bang of the gun followed by somthing scrabbling down the hall.
The lights slowly grew back to their former brightness,  in the distance dogs began to bark.
Shortly after, her freind moved away.
The house stands vacant today.
Sometimes I visit. 
Just to see if it still stands.
Occasionally,  I can catch the faint hint o fish.
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