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Im 17 it's been a long time my 14 year old sis was soo beautiful long black hair cute silver eyes and everyone at school LOVED her but i was 15 and something happened we were talking in the living room until we hard a music pop goes the weasel. My sister went to go check it out seconds later  herd her screaming i ran to her room where the. Screams were coming from  their was my sister trying to get out of the holding of a tall clown man his arms down to his knees messy hair he was black and white he was holding on to my sister  "LET GO OF HER" i scream when i ran at him he faced me he had a pointed nose he pushed me everything went black  i woke up the clown and ann was gone i was crying my little sister gone from my life she was the only one i had in this world and now I'm a mom my 2 year old girl almost looks like ann my little sister
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Nora Lulu
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Is anyone here on this story!
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No offense, but please  revise your story before posting and is this a Fan Fic of Laughing Jack?
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