It was around eight or so in the evening when I had my encounter. This encounter happened back during 2013. I was 8 and had recently gone into foster care. I had a few “encounters” before this. One of these encounters was a possible hoax put on by some people at my summer camp. They made some fake tracks and threw some of my hotdog bait into the woods to make it seem like it was gone.

I also watched a lot of this show called Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet when I was this age. That’s besides the point though because that was just some background knowledge before I told my story. My birthday wasn’t far away when this story begins. 

I remember this sighting as if it happened yesterday. I was over at a family friend’s house for dinner and to hang out when this happened. They live out in Gaston, Oregon and have a Hazelnut orchard. The trees in the orchard are about 10-15 feet tall (this will be important later in the story). They had two boys that my brother and I were having a Nerf gun war with because of how big the grounds were.

My brother and I were standing by the back end of the house and my brother noticed something down in the orchard. 

“Ryan,” he said, a bit freaked out. “Look.”

I followed his gaze and saw what he was staring at. There was a tall figure walked in between the trees and it stood close to the top of them. I would guess it was about 10 feet tall, perhaps a little shorter. We stood there and I began to panic.

“It's bigfoot!” I shouted to my brother who was trying to keep his cool.

“Be quiet,” he said.

The bigfoot paused for a moment before continuing on its way. It was probably going back up into the hills to hunt before returning to the valley the next day. That was my encounter. I’ve been criticized over my sighting but have had people fully believe my story. If you’re ever in Gaston, Oregon, be on the lookout… for a bigfoot.

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