So this happen when I was very young we moved in with my mother’s parents home because they couldn’t take care of them self’s anymore this house was out in the middle of nowhere anyway I got to chose my own room that I shared with my brother at the time after a few years everything was fine but one night when I went to bed I was only sleeping for a few hours I got woken up by someone whispering my name in my ear Cody...cody...cody I woke up and said what when I opened my eyes I saw no one there was on one in the room but me and my brother who was still sleeping. All the hair on the back of my neck stood up as I looked all over my room to note I was in a bunk bed I had the top and my brother had the bottom but there was no one there the next thing that happened I cannot explain my toys that I left on the floor started flying across the room on there own I was so scared I hid under my blanket and prayed shortly after it all stopped I don’t even remember falling back asleep a little couple days later me and my sister decided to go to this really old house out back of our house it had this old entryway that was falling apart and there was this old looking book case that if opened would go outside anyway we made our way up there and we started to enter when we both got a really unwelcome feeling we stop and stood there for a minute then though a crack in the old book case I saw a full black person it didn’t make any sense because it was daylight but this thing was just black it darted behind the book case I ask my sister if she saw that she said yes then all the sudden the thing was trying to break it down the book case was shaking so hard we both just started screaming and took off running back to the house after that we never went back to that old house a few weeks later me and my brother were in our room which was up stairs we both heard knocking on the wall on the other side of that wall was a bathroom so I thought it was my sister trying to scare me so I opened up my door and went over there there was no one there but I could feel something staring through me I run so fast back to my room and told my brother we both just stayed in our room all night the next couple of days went by with nothing happening but then one day I was in the kitchen and in the kitchen we had a door that led to the basement and I was making lunch for myself when I heard something I of course went to check it out it was coming from the basement I walked down a few steps so I could try and hear it better when I heard it let me just say I wish I didn’t go down there what I heard was a ton of different voices whispering something I couldn’t make it out what they all were saying I screamed and run back up the stairs and closed the door behind me after that when me and my brother were in bed talking that night about Xbox we were interrupted my our door handle turning on it’s own I looked over at my brother who was just as scared as I was so I described I would check to see if someone was there I looked and no one was there I close the door as soon as I did it opened up again throwing me against the wall I kicked the door back and closed it my brother had the key to the door and he gave it to me I locked the door but the door handle kept moving until my sisters got out of bed to see what happened because they heard my door open hard when I heard there voices I unlocked my door and told them what had happened they were freaked out lucky though we moved out shortly after that and it all stopped that was over 7 years ago now and I still have nightmares of that house to this day just talking about it again I will probably having another nightmare tonight but I wanted to share my experience with you because there is evil in this world that we can not explain
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