I'd like to preface this by saying that this story is my mother and grandmother's and I was not there when it happened. I believe that I was in school at the time.

Anyways, when I was really young, I don't remember my age, my younger sister contracted a strain of meningitis, which we were told could be fatal.
She was in the hospital for quite a long time. It happened so long ago that I don't really remember the details except that she was in a lot of pain and that my parents were truly afraid that we would lose her.

On a particularly bad day, when my parents and grandparents were losing hope they went to visit her in the hospital and they ran into this woman in the waiting room. They told me that she wore this purple dress and had these very vivid and bright teal eyes. They were a very unnatural shade. What makes this more notable is that those were my sisters favorite colors at the time.

Anyhow, the lady supposedly looked my mom in the eye and in a very soothing voice, simply said, "pray for her and I promise that she will get better."

My parents and grandparents finish their visit and gather my brother and I and have us say a little prayer.

Now this didn't happen immediately and it could very well just be a coincidence, but we got a call saying that my sister's condition had improved considerably. She still wasn't out of the woods but she was doing better. My parents kept praying and what not. Eventually she was able to come home from the hospital.

I don't come from a particularly religious household but my mom and grandma are convinced that, that woman was an angel. Of course it could have just been an ordinary woman with very unique eyes, simply trying to console a grieving family. But I like to believe that my mom and grandma are right about their angel theory:

I know that this isn't really a scary or creepy story but I think it fits the bill for being unexplained/supernatural. Thanks, darkness for giving me a place to share.
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