Hello everyone,

So I have had my own personal experiences as well as experiences that I will recount from family members. I'll present them in chronological

order. Due to how long go some of these happened I'll do my best to provide as many details as best that I can.

The first knowledge of "shadow people" I ever had was when I was between the ages of 7 an 12. This happened i the late 90's to early 2000's.

At this point I had no knowledge of this phenomenon or even knew what they were called. From what I recall this was during the summer. My

parents had left and a babysitter from our street had come over to watch my brothers and I. From what I recall she had brought her brother

with her who as our age. Him and a few of my other friends were hanging out playing outside while a few of my brothers and baby sitter were

still inside. All of the sudden my brothers came running out into the front yard and said there was a pitch black shadow figure standing at the

top of our stairs in the house. My baby sitter came out shortly after and they explained what happened. She went to check it out but didn't see

anything. I don't recall what happened after that, but not much came from it.

During a similar time frame, maybe within a year or two of this, my youngest brother, who was maybe 2 or 3 at the time. Came downstairs

from his room into the kitchen were my mom and I were. He asked us who the "man in his room" was. My mom and I were fairly confused, so

I asked if he meant the poster of "Superman" he had. He responded and said "No, the black man." My mom and I being very confused went

upstairs and checked it out and found nothing.

The next experience actually happened to me (I believe this took place after the previous experience). I was upstairs using the Master

bathroom/primary bathroom upstairs. The washroom was directly connected to the master bedroom as was as the upstairs hallway, so it was

shared by everyone. My two youngest brothers shared the master bedroom because my parents thought they'd need the extra space for their

toys and to play. From where the toilet is located, if the door is left open, you can look directly into the master bedroom. When I was sitting on

the toilet doing my business, I had left the door open. About halfway through I looked to my left and saw this very dark, black, almost gorilla

like hand kind of reach around the open door frame. I could only see the hand and part of the wrist. I don't really recall what happened after

that point. Freaky none the less.

The next experience happened to two of my brothers in the master bedroom. They recounted this to me the morning after this occurred. They

claimed that while they were sleeping that they had both woken up around the same time. They looked towards the end of the bedroom and

saw this glowing fluorescent greenish slime on the wall being "painted" on by seemingly nothing. If I recall correctly they both claimed that it

drew a "skull" type shape on the wall. As to be expected, when I went to check it out for myself, nothing was there.

After this nothing really happened for a long time. I believe that this happened after 2016. I woke up in the morning and my brother who is the

2nd oldest (I am the eldest) sitting at the side of my bed completely awake. I asked him what he was doing. He recounted probably the

freakiest story thus far. He told me he was downstairs the previous night playing sudoku on his phone, well past midnight, laying on the couch

in our living room (this connects to our dining room through French Doors, which connects to our kitchen). He told me the app kept crashing

on him. He told me that the app, when reopened, is supposed to show you the last 3 moves that you had made, the numbers would kind of

"pop-up" and spin before going back to normal. He said that when he was reopening the app 3 6's would do this (I know it sounds very cliche).

Despite him not believing that those were the last moves he made. After getting a little annoyed with this he decided to call it a night.

However, before going to bed he decided to grab a snack from the kitchen. At this point keep in mind the whole main floor would be fairly

dark. I'm going to quickly describe our main floor for context. When entering the house straight ahead are the stairs and to the right is a hall to

the kitchen, the hall also connects to our living room through French doors. If you go to the kitchen and turn right that is the dining room, if

you go to the dining room there are sliding glass doors to our deck as well as French doors connecting to our living room. So if you exit the

living room and go to the dining room you can see out onto our deck. Anyways, back to the story; as my brother opened the doors to the

dining room he saw an outline of a silhouette of a woman in a dress sitting on top of our dining room table. He was able to see the outline of

her due to the sliding glass doors behind "her." He told me he wasn't able tot see any details and just stared in fear for what was about 30

seconds before turning around and booking it out of the other living room exit and up to my room. He claims he was awake all night. He didn't

end up sleeping until everyone else was awake and he slept for a few hours. I've only brought it up a few times to him since then, and he

doesn't really know what to make of it. I think he's just hoping it was his eyes playing tricks on him.

This experience is more weird than anything. I'm not sure if its paranormal, but I suppose it could be. This took place around the summer of

2018. I was headed to bed, turned out the lights and laid down in bed. In my room my closet is at the end of my bed, and I noticed that light

was coming out from the cracks within my closet. This is really weird because my closet is fairly small and there is no light in my closet. I get

up and turn on the lights in my room and open the closet door. In my closet I have these flat, clear Tupperware style storage bins. These

contains toys and random things from when I was a kid that I no longer use. Within one of these boxes is a book lamp clip that was somehow

turned on. The weird thing is, it isn't a pressure button that turns it on. It's a sliding switch. It had probably been in storage for over 10 years,

so even if I somehow never noticed the light before this, there is no way that a battery could have lasted that long. I'm really not sure what to

make of this, or how on earth it could have possibly been turned on. It was pretty weird none the less.

In January of 2019 I moved out of my parents home and got my own place. In April I had a week long business trip with work in Calgary

Alberta, about a 3 hour flight from were I live. When I got back, despite only being a 2 hour time change, I was absolutely exhausted. I barely

slept on the plane and was sorta jet lagged when I got home (this trip was the first time I had ever been on a plane). As soon as I got home I

crashed in my bed, not even bothering changing out of my clothes. I was falling in and out of consciousness and was kinda half-awake-ish.

For perspective, you you're laying on my bed to the left there is about a 4 foot gap to the wall, and on the right the same, however there is also

a window. While laying on my bed, I was on he left side, laying o my side facing the wall. I "woke-up" and kind of adjusted my position, but

as I did so I noticed that my headboard was kind of  different which struck me as odd. It's a storage headboard from Ikea, and the storage is on

the sides, however, I noticed hat it was now on the front of my headboard. I got out of bed and looked at it, and walked around to the other

side of my bed to get a slightly better look. At this point my room is sort of dark but not to the point that I can't see. After looking on the other

side of my bed I decided to go turn on the lights to get a better look. However, as I was walking to the lights when I got to the end of my bed I

froze, as if I as suddenly paralyzed, because of this I fell face first into my mattress and was immediately "sucked" back into my body and I

"woke up" (kind of like when you dream that you trip and you "fall" back into reality and wake up). The weird thing is that besides my weird

looking headboard there was no indication that I was even sleeping. I don't know if this was some sort of "astral projection" or dream.

However, this is were things get weird... after I was sucked back into my body I heard foot steps walking outside of my room, and I suddenly

realized I was unable to move, so I'm assuming this was some sort of sleep paralysis. I then heard someone speaking at the end of my bed. But

since I couldn't move I could look (not sure if I'd even want to based on what I've heard some people see). I then heard someone respond to

them who was behind me, both voices were male, but I can't recall what they were saying because I was so freaked out. At this point since I

was close to the edge of my bed I was desperately trying to roll off my bed to get out of the sleep paralysis. I finally managed to roll off, but as

I did time slowed down and as I was half-way to hitting the floor I got "sucked" back into my body again, and I was back were I started. I

attempted this two more times with the same result. After the third time, I heard the voice behind me say "You should thank me." And the I

was finally able to move again.  I immediately got up and looked around beyond freaked out and checked out the rest of my place to make

sure everything was actually good.

This was the first time I had ever had auditory hallucinations from sleep paralysis, and before that I had only ever maybe had it 2 or 3 times. It

was never scary, and I never heard or saw anything, I just couldn't move. However, the thing that really weirded me out was the whole "getting

sucked back into my body" thing. It was one of the freakiest sensations ever, which I why I wasn't sure if it was maybe some kind of astral

projection (assuming its even real), coupled with a nightmare and sleep paralysis. I really have no idea. I'm assuming my lack of sleep and

being jet lagged were contributing factors, but I'm really not sure. Has anyone else had a similar experience to this!

Thanks for taking the time to read my experiences!

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