I don't know if you'll actually read this, believe this, or see this. But this is my story and I want to get it out there i need people to hear it. I've never told anyone this story...Not anyone not even my family, or my Significant other. So my story begins in North Plains, Oregon i lived in a olive green house and on the second to last house on my street I was in the end of my eighth grade year at the time. There was a cross road at the end of my street and if you looked to the left down the left cross way there was a loop, and on that street was a trail to a swamp and across the street from that was a house. Now what's strange is that this house was always empty. Someone owned it but no one ever went near it. I never understood that, but I tried asking around and everyone always gave me the same bs answer "It's just run down and the pipes are always needing fixed so no one buys it , not worth the money to put into it." I can't explain it but i always got this ominous feeling walking by with my siblings or riding by on my bike. Well I just started summer break and i had a boyfriend his name was Darian, we had two friends Jessica, and Logan. Now one day we all were hanging out at the swamp, it was kind of our hangout, my mom never noticed enough past her drinking so it was normal for me to be gone and her not notice. But one night while we were at the swamp Logan tells us a bit more about the house, he said he heard his parents talking the night before about how a girl lived there and she was mentally ill had schizophrenia, and Multiple Personality Disorder. They said that she had a child by her father and that's when she started to get depressed and when the baby was born she killed it in the same room where the baby was conceived and then killed herself, she hung herself in the closet. I was shocked and it made the house more.. Whats the word..frightening. I never believed it I tried to tell myself that it was all fake that it wasn't true. But apart of me knew that it was too much detail into a story that is supposedly fake. We met the next day at our usual hangout and started talking a bit more about the house, when my boyfriend said he found a Ouija board in his brothers room and that we should try it, I was completely against it, I've heard so many stories about it everywhere all over Facebook, YouTube, and even some on the news. I just knew it was a recipe for disaster. And of course being young, stupid, and naive agreed to go through with my stupid boyfriends plan to impress him. His plan was for all of us to tell our parents we were going to stay the night at each other's houses and then instead stay the night at the house and use the Ouija board. We grabbed our sleeping bags and packed up for the night with snacks and drinks and of course Darian brought the Ouija Board. As soon as we walked in it looked actually normal...if that's a thing. It looked like a normal house on the outside and inside, It was nice actually. But the feeling...the feeling of the house, if that makes sense, was indescribable, i didn't know what to think. I wanted to run out of there the minute I walked in but i didn't want to be called a chicken or be called a pussy so i stayed and thought maybe it'll change, maybe it'll get better, Oh man was i wrong.We went to the room where the girl was raped by her father hoping that being in the room where is happened would spark a reaction. Later that night when we were about to start i made them wait and they seemed to be impatient but i was trying to find every excuse to delay it if i could, I pulled out a piece of paper that I used that morning to write out the rules for the Ouija board. I told them " We have to follow these rules guys, let me read them and then we can get started and you guys better pay the fuck attention and listen. Alright Rule 1 Protect yourself physically, this chick said its like thinking of Jesus or a white bright light surround yourself in a white light. Rule 2 be respectful to the dead and of the dead I shouldn't have to explain that one you guys should know the respectful things to ask, Alright rule 3 Don't forget to say goodbye, everyone knows that rule right? rule 4 don't play at your home or graveyard, and rule 5 don't play it alone. Alright everyone understand?" They nodded and i shakily put my hands on the pointer that they already had their hands on. The first couple tries we didn't get anything and we were just about to give up after the fourth try when my boyfriend Darian asked "How did you die?" it answered back "Hung" And i immediately removed my hands. I was so scared and so shocked i started shaking....they started telling me to put my hands back on and if it got worse we'd leave. I didn't believe them, they were kind of chuckling under their breath at my reaction and I was so terrified i just listened, wanting it over sooner. The room started to feel cold, i started getting chills and i got this eerie sense all of a sudden i don't wanna sound cliche but i got the sense we weren't alone. I started tugging on my boyfriends should and he started getting annoyed i said "Babe i'm scared i wanna go home let's just go to your place or something can we please just say goodbye?!" he said "no i wanna stay and finish this come on baby this might be our last chance to find out what really happened!" I told him what i was feeling and he seemed to just brush it off and ignore all of it. Jessica was getting scared too and all of a sudden we heard a slam, the window behind us ended up slamming shut and Jessica booked it out of the room, Logan ran after her and i went to get up and Darian grabbed my arm and said " Babe don't leave me, say please, if we leave we leave together." He got up and i said "Can we leave now?!" he looked at me for a second then he said "Shit! not yet we have to say goodbye first!" We said goodbye as fast as you could get a spirit or whatever it was to talk and then booked it into the hallways and searched high and low for Logan and Jess. We walked around yelling for them we looked everywhere and didn't find anything! I was so scared and worried about Logan and Jessica, we didn't know what to do we searched every part of the house including the creepy basement and still found nothing...until we made it to the backyard it was fenced in with barbed wire over the top we had a lot of squirrels and apparently the owners weren't too keen on having them around, anyways when we made it to the backyard i saw Jessica's jacket laying there on the ground it was on the porch hanging off the edge, there was nothing else. I looked around a bit more and found nothing that indicated they were still alive or dead. I didn't know what to think, WE didn't know what to think,we left and when i looked back on the house i knew it was a dark place, i knew something terrible happened to my two best friends but i didn't know what. It was the not knowing that killed me the most ya know? A few days went by and still nothing they ended up going missing and to this day still are but they've been long forgotten, not by us, but by the world, and I wish i knew what happened, I wish i had answers but sadly i dont. Sometimes i feel like i can hear her screaming... Every time i go back into town i feel like a dark shadow looms over me and i feel a pull to go back to that house..but i know that if i go in i won't come out. Like i said i don't mind if you don't believe me that's okay you have choices and opinions to make based off this..but i know what really happened and i know the truth. But i hope you all take something from this, don't fuck with Ouija boards, read more into it and do your research first we were stupid and didn't take into account what could happen, maybe if we did they'd still be here, but there's no way to know that for sure. Anyways thanks for listening if anyone ever does read this.
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