Before i start I'd like to say a few things about me. I am female and 16. And I will refer to myself as "flame" for this story. Now I've lived in this house for almost my whole life. And it didn't always have the strange vibe it does now.

I feel like the activity is getting worse. and luckily we are moving soon. They don't like being talked about so I'll share my scariest stories or the ones that traumatized me the most to save time and not to provoke them too much.

I'll start with the most traumatizing. I was around 8 when this happened. At a young age I already had really bad insomnia which luckily has gone away. It was about seven in the morning and I decided to go down for breakfast. Now when you walk down the stairs the first thing you see is the dining room and kitchen.

When I looked into the dining room I saw a very tall man standing under the light. He had blonde hair and had a black suit on. With white stripes at the end of the sleeves. I was in shock. I honestly didn't know what to do. I then blinked and he was gone.

Once I calmed down I just thought it was a bad hallucination. That my eyes where playing tricks on me. But even when I did think that I just went back upstairs and cried. I was so scared. Especially since I was a younger child.

The next one shouldn't have scared me as much as it did but i was young. I wasn't even in kindergarten yet. So I think that's why this was so terrifying to me. I was watching some tv while my mum did the laundry.

I then heard a women call my name. Like your mum will do when she needs something. Though it didn't sound like my mother I still when to the laundry room to see what she needed. once I asked her she gave me a confused look. She said in a soft voice that she hadn't called me.

I must've became white as a sheet because she asked me "why? What's wrong?" I just left the room. Even at a young age I could tell something was wrong. I almost cried.

The next one happened when I was six. I had bad dreams about aliens a lot due to me recently  watching the movie "Signs" (amazing movie by the way). I had another one of the dreams and decided to go to my parents room. It was around 3 am when I randomly woke up. And  I instantly felt dread.

The way my parents room is are so the beds are facing the bathroom. The toilet has it's own separate small room. which is the only thing you can see when you look into the bathroom while lying on the bed

i looked up and saw the door to the  toilet open. The lights where on and I saw a dark figure just standing there. It wasn't my dad because he was at work (he worked  night shift at the jail). And it was too tall to be my other family members. But being a small child I didn't think much until years later.

This experience was actually quite recent. I was playing metro 2033 one of the only games I really love. Then I felt the feeling of being watched. I always feel this so it wasn't too bad but this time it was very strong.

Then out of the blue I feel someone sit next to me. You know that feeling of the couch pressing down? Yeah that. It got very cold. I ran out of the room. At that point dying in a video game was the least of my worries.

These last two have happened this month. In my house I usually hear people speaking in German. Both sound male and one sounds 30-40 and the other sounds young. Early twenties I would assume.

I was sitting and reading Harry Potter in my room. Waiting for my phone to finish charging. Then I hear foot steps in our upstairs hallway. I honestly wouldn't mind until they came to my door. So at first I thought it was my brother who would tell me about Mortal Kombat or something.

But he didn't knock. Before my brother enters my room he ALWAYS knocks. I saw that he just stood there. I could see his feet blocking the light. Then I heard the voice.

Now I KNOW this wasnt my brother. First of all my family doesn't speak German. And my little brother is eight. They sounded 20. I was frozen. I honestly was afraid whoever it was would come right into my room.

i just sat silent. It was probably a few minutes but it felt like hours. Then they just stopped. And walked away. I honestly do not Know what he was saying. But I hope it wasn't "let me in"

The last one which happened last night was probably one of the scariest. I was lying in bed texting my best friend and my boyfriend. I suddenly hear knocking from all around me. I couldn't locate the sound. And then it stopped.

i had that feeling where your body is screaming at you to run. Fight or flight. But I was afraid who I would meet outside the door.

i think theses ghosts are my nazi ancestors, whom we have pictures of in my attic.
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