First, here is a little background. I am a 22 year-old female and My mom is in her late 50’s. She has been working at a school for 24 years. This is a large K-8 school with about 700 students total. I have always been into creepy stories and paranormal stuff, watching shows like “Ghost Adventures” as a child. But I was NOT prepared to experience it myself.

      It was a cold New England Winter night, around 11 PM. Snow was already blanketing the ground. Being the Maintenance manager, My mom and her facilities crew would have to go to the school, clean up all the snow, as well as check the building’s heating system. Since the building is so big, it would take a long time to finish everything. Mom asked if I would come along and help with checking the heat, and I agreed, since I was bored to death. 

     Since there was a good few inches of snow on the ground, I offered to start checking the heat while Mom and the boys cleared up the snow outside. So I took the Infrared thermometer, which is basically a thermometer gun, and went inside to start checking the boilers and classrooms. I was the only person that was inside the building at the time. I started in the first floor boiler room, where it was not unusual to hear clicks and taps. Then I started checking the first floor classrooms. 

      I pointed my thermometer into the Kindergarten hallway. 74 degrees.  As I was entering one of the Kindergarten classrooms, I suddenly started to feel like I was being watched. That’s when all the lights in the building seemed to go off at once. My first thought was that the storm knocked out power. I went back to the boiler room to grab a large flashlight, so I could continue checking the classrooms, then I returned to the Kindergarten hallway. The air was ice cold. It was not this way before I went for the flashlight. Then I started to hear breathing. I thought maybe one of the boys came back into the building. I called out his name and there was no answer. 

      I pointed my thermometer gun around the hallway. The temperature had dropped by at least 20 degrees. I then noticed that the breathing I heard had stopped. As did Nature itself. No wind, no sound of the snowblowers outside. Panicking, I started toward the lobby and to the exit. But as soon as I reached the small staircase, I stopped. The lobby was so dark, I could not even see my hand in front of my face. Then I felt a cold hand on my back, and I nearly wet myself right there, as I also heard the inaudible whispering again.

     I lost it. I screamed bloody murder and began sprinting towards the front doors. As soon as I pushed the doors open, everything was normal again, as if someone flipped a switch. I ran through the blowing snow and found one of the boys, and asked if he’d seen the power go out. He looks at me like I had four heads. I found my mom and told her what happened. She then told me that the school has been haunted. And then she proceeds to tell me that nobody knows exactly why the school is haunted. But we do know that below lies an ancient Indian burial ground. 

   Needless to say, i will never do another night shift with my mom. I’ll stick to tv shows and stories. 

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Darkness Prevails
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