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Hey all. I'm back with some more creepy stories regarding the place I grew up in. I actually had a good sit-down with my mom to reminisce about some of the odd happenings, and one in particular kind of stuck out. Since Darkness is looking for creepy road experiences, here's one me and my mom both experienced together: 

     A little background for why we were out in the first place: my sister was in marching band all four years of highschool. Usually, I tagged along when my parents (well, usually just my mom) drove her to football games and competitions, because that usually meant my mom was stopping off at the Exxon before heading on home afterward. And a stop at the Exxon usually meant I could talk my way into a cookies n' cream candy bar--a favorite treat of mine back then! It was later in the fall around this time, and as usual, I went along with my mom to drop my sister at a game. I think my sister was staying at a friend's afterward that night, or with my grandmother, because we didn't stay to watch. We turned around and headed home. Our home was pretty isolated, about forty minutes from the high school, give or take, so by the time we were in sight of the Kenna Exxon, it was dark out. For those of you who don't know, Kenna is a tiny, tiny "city" in Jackson County, WV, with not much more than a post office, the Exxon, the elementary school and a restaurant. 
   This time, instead of turning into the Exxon, however, my mom turned left, down a road whose name I think was "Kentuck Road". There was some disagreement on this, but bear with me. I'm remembering the details as best as I can. I gave her a disappointed look, but realized she was staring nervously in her rearview mirror. The road is mostly downhill at the start, passing that restaurant I mentioned before (called Patty's Country Cookin', for anyone who's curious), and I suddenly realized that there were headlights riding very, very closely to our bumper. My mom is a nervous driver, having been in a few accidents in the past, and she doesn't like when people ride too close to her. So, she glanced at me and said "I'm gonna just pull over and let this guy pass, when we get to the wide spot." I remember nodding in agreement because, while I could not make out any details of the car behind us, even I could recognize that they were uncomfortably close. 
     So, we make it to the bottom of the road, and my mom pulls into this big, gravelly wide spot that's on the left of the road. And...nothing. No headlights pass. They just vanished. We both sat there for probably five minutes, just staring. Finally, my mom looked at me and asked; "You...you saw a car, right?" To which I nodded. 
     "Yeah mom, I did." At this point, I had goosebumps all over. 
     "Did you see them pass us?!" she asked me, still staring at the road. 
     "No Mom, I didn't." We sat there a little longer, just staring at the road together. There isn't anywhere the car could have pulled off to behind us, and the road is a straight stretch at the bottom of the hill. We would have seen their headlights pass us, we would have seen their taillights. It looked like a big car, given the height difference of the headlights that had been riding the bumper of my mom's 2003 or 2004 Buick Lesabre. So if it had gone over the hill, we definitely would have heard something! So yeah, I'm pretty sure my mom and I encountered a ghost car that night. 

In addition to that one encounter, my mother informed me that she had similar experiences like that numerous times on that same road, when she was driving alone. Sometimes the car would be riding her bumper and vanish if she pulled over, like when I was with her, and sometimes, she would be following a pair of taillights just to watch them disappear right in front of her eyes. My dad confirmed that he also had a couple experiences like this himself. They aren't the most harrowing experiences, but it was a little frightening at the time, and to have seen it firsthand definitely shook me up some.
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