This isn’t my story, it’s my mom’s but since she doesn’t use the internet I figured I’d tell it. My mom was in the hospital when she was 23 because she’d gotten in a really bad motorcycle accident and had broken both her legs. She’d also hurt her head really bad. It was late in the night and she woke up from a very restless sleep. But she didn’t open her eyes right away for some reason and something in her told her to keep them shut. 

My mom’s from Vietnam and grew up in a very spiritual family, so this subject isn’t something she takes lightly. When she finally opened her eyes it was because of a murmur, like someone was trying to talk to her. Her bed was surrounded by pale people and she saw even more around them, like the whole room was filled with people all trying to get a look at her. But as soon as she looked at them, they all looked down at their feet. She was in such shock that she kinda just calmed down and tried to make sense of this.

The murmurs grew louder and louder until it sounded like the whole room as quietly mumbling to each other, but she couldn’t see anyone’s lips actually moving. Then, one of them lifted their hand and tried to reach out to her, still not looking at her and that’s when she panicked and began screaming. She says it felt like she blacked out until a nurse came running in, but she was sitting up. The nurse told her it was probably a hallucination from her concussion and after a long time of soothing, mom finally went back to sleep. 

She didn’t experience anything else until she got pregnant with me and we moved to Korea. One day as she was taking the bus, she noticed that amongst a line of people getting on was a very familiar figure. A pale person who only looked at the ground followed them into the bus but wasn’t acknowledged by the bus driver. She started to cry immediately and got hysterical when the person moved down the middle of the bus, floating with their feet flat against nothing beneath them. An older woman came to comfort her and when mom looked back where the person had been, they were gone. 

From that day until we moved to America, no problems. Then she got pregnant with my brother and she started seeing these people everywhere, in the store, in the streets and even outside our house. It was a difficult pregnancy and she had to go to the hospital many times with smaller complications and there she’d scream and cry if she was ever left alone. In the hospitals is where she saw them the most, they were everywhere she turned she says. The only way she’d feel safe is with someone else because they didn’t seem to go near her then. 

The night after giving birth to my brother, we were all sleeping in one room because she’d been pretty wrecked by the delivery, the hard pregnancy was nothing compared to actually giving birth to him. Dad says she nearly died, but I don’t know if that’s true. She woke up, again in the middle of the night with my brother next to her and again, her bed was surrounded by those people. One of them was holding her hand on the baby’s forehead and at first my mom freaked, until she noticed how my brother was pale. But instead of calling out for help, she didn’t move and inch as the woman stroked the baby’s hair over and over until he began growing pink again. And finally, he took a breath. 

Then, she woke up in the morning as a nurse came in to look at the baby. The people were gone, dad and I were still sleeping and nothing seemed different. The nurse looked over my brother and he was fine. Mom says she realized at that moment that whoever they were, they weren’t trying to hurt or scare her. She thinks they’re just lost souls or something of the kind and that her son did almost die that night, but one of them brought him back to life. Maybe it’s all dreams and hallucinations, but she tells the story with such sincerity that I at least believe her.

Now, she only sees a few in times of great stress and she never gets scared anyone. But I still worry, I’m not 100% sure they’re the good guys. I’m scared that the one who held her hand on my brother wasn’t giving him life, but taking it. I’ve heard of spirits taking living bodies to come back to life. I just hope mom’s right about them. Does anyone have any ideas? 

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Joshua Lino ZiCo
Many demons often go after mothers so that they can make moonchildren, by replacing the child's soul with a demons.
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