Hello, my name is John and my life has been one big ghost story. I am 27 years old and have lived all over southeastern Wisconsin.  I have dealt with ghosts most of my life, I do not claim to be any kind of median or something, in fact I wouldn't want to be one. Once I grew up more I did my best to view most things as a skeptic so I dont jump at every bump in the night. So with that being said, here is my story.

The first time I ever dealt with a ghost I was in second grade when I would often stay the night at my friends house. My second families house was a one story house with a finished basement. We didn't spend much time down there as it had an “off” vibe compared to the rest of the house that just spooked us out. In the basement, there was a corner that gave most of us a uneasy feeling, like you weren't welcome there at all. After gooding around with a friend before bed one night, and getting into a deep sleep, I had woken up to use the restroom. When finished, I made my way back to my friends room, keeping his door open I laid back into my bed I have made earlier on the floor. In the faint moonlit glow, I laid facing the open door,which opened to his kitchen. Suddenly, I had gotten an “off” feeling. I tried to shake it off but instantly looked back at the opening in the door. There, staring at me was a lady wearing all white. I was shaken up, yet not scared all at the same time. I didn't understand what to feel as we locked eyes. As if a mist, I could see the green glow of the clock on the stove through her. She lifted her finger to my lips, shushed me, turned and walked out of sight down the hall. Lets just say I didn't sleep well after that. I had told my mom, with disbelief she brushed me off as any parent would a young child. My mom then brought up my imaginative mind to my friend mom, who shockingly, without a doubt believed me. She explained to my mom that objects such as books, glasses and other miscellaneous items would be moved around at random. And as far as that corner in the basement, it’s almost as if it were the lady in whites hang out, or place to make her feel comfortable getting away from two second grade boys. Unfortunately, that house was soon put up for sale, reasons un ghostly related, but I still get that uneasy feeling everytime I drive past it.

Fast forward about four to five years at my former house. The house always had a off feeling to it but despite that, I have always called it “home.” Looking back on it, I believe it is the bane of my nightmare filled childhood. Causing one of the nightmares was a time I had seen a shadow figure standing in the bathroom doorway, catching me off guard. The worst experience though was when I had my room on the first floor. My mom, dad and little brother had the upstairs while I set up my bedroom in the bedroom downstairs. After a long day of playing outside, I cozied up in bed and was about to fall asleep when I distinctly heard a shuffle outside the door. When my ears “perked” up, it sounded like footsteps, the kind of footsteps and elderly man would step. Thud, thud, thud, I heard trying to connect the footsteps of those of my families. That’s when I heard it enter my bedroom. Thud, thud, thud, I heard it till it reached the middle of my room, stopped, then continued. I called Out for my parents, to no avail. The steps continued till I heard them about 3/4th into my room from where my bed was. I felt it, whomever, or whatever it may have been looming over me. It had reached my bed and I had felt its ghostly eyes staring at me. All I could do was stay silent, stay still, with my eyes peering over the covers for what seemed like hours. I screamed, in my head, yelling ‘go away” as I was paralyzed from fear. I suddenly felt a pressure on my foot, was it grabbing me? I thought. The pressure felt intense and it yanked me before releasing the grasp on my right foot. It left. And so did I. I ran, ran up to my parents room, hoping that it was just a prank only to have them state that they haven't been downstairs in hours. That night, my brother gained a roommate, me. Luckily, we ended up moving years later down the road. Creating an uneasy feeling when I drive past to relive old memories. Almost as it wants me back.

Life was pretty calm after we lost the house and moved. My nightmares had stopped and I started my skeptic view as I started to learn more about the paranormal. Now with that being said, ghosts were still in my life. My grandparents owned a 94 acres farm and after years, my grandpa had sadly passed. Days after, my family took turns staying with grandma. Schedules have rotated, and it became my turn to spend the night. I was much older now but had plenty of experience when I was younger, I knew the sounds of the house, the smells the ambiance. Once again, I was laying in the living room on the couch, ready to go to bed from listening to the sound of the crickets and frogs from my window. Suddenly, footsteps were marching on the floor. I thought for a moment it was my grandma. I peered around the room, only to not see her. She slept in the room across the living room as well and had gone to bed way earlier than I. It must have been my grandpa. About a year later, my grandma was in the hospital and I was house sitting, about 2:00 pm or so I saw a figure with my grandpa build walked from the barn to the driveway. It stood out, as it was a bright white light walking. I went outside, curiously to see if someone was there but there wasn’t. Now, most of my family that heard about my story brush it off. Grandma on the other hand believed me and stated that neither me, or her are crazy. She too has seen some things.

All grown, I had finally found a place to settle for a little bit. I had moved in with a friend and his girlfriend. Me and my other buddy rented rooms and shared living quarters and everything was perfect. I worked a late second shift, meaning I was the last to get home and was the only one awake at night. After a long hard days at work, Id get home at night and I would relax and have my usual cigarette on the enclosed porch. Every now and then, I would see a little shadow darting back and forth from the living room to the kitchen. Curiously, I ask my landlady about it and she simply said “oh that’s just Johnny.”  Nevertheless I got used to it time passed and then the landlady ask me if I had felt anything new in the house which I didn't, so I said “no.” She explained that there was someone new in the house. Shocked and confused, I asked how she knew, that’s when she stated that a voice that had talked to her at night and she said she saw a tall figure in her room. I didn't worry to much until her boyfriend, my friend, saw it. He was an army infantry and was/is pretty unbothered by anything and everything until he saw the shadow figure of tall man. I did my best to not get sucked into everything. They ended up naming the mysterious tall man Bobby. I forgot all about him, and we both didn’t seem bothered by each other till one night I walked to the kitchen and while walking by I casually looked out the window above the sink, which was a mistake. When I looked up there was a shadow behind me that was a solid foot taller than me. Frozen as a statue, all I could say was “oh so your Bob.”  After that night things more and more things started happening to me. I had a friend. While me and and her were hanging out in my room with the door closed, we distinctly heard murmer like conversations and footsteps outside of my door. The same thing happened when I was with my current girlfriend. One of the last things that happened before I moved out was I was gaming in my room like normal. I could hear footsteps outside my door. Getting an uneasy feeling I sat there. Then, as if it wants “in” someone or something start rapidly pounding at my door. I called for my roommate and nothing happen, it pounded again. I sat in my room repeating in my head to go away stating that this was my room. After two more times, it had given up and left. The house was calm for the last two months of me living there. I still talk to my friends and according to them, things still went “bump” in the night even after I had left.

When my “uncles” wife had died, I moved into his house with him. He was a long time family friend whom had always been there for me and my family. I wanted to give him someone to be around and ended up becoming his roommate in this extremely old farmhouse made in the early 1900’s. Not much happened there except the occasional footsteps and voices that could be heard echoing throughout the house.Lastly, me and my girlfriend moved into a apartment with an old friend. Now, not much happened here that me and her can't explain. Once in awhile she would see a shadow about the size of a cat. She was never bothered by it, and even I saw it a time or two. Thankfully, her and I don't scare to easy, except until the night that I swear Bobby came back. Me and her were in bed ready to call it a night. With an odd feeling in the air, we were sitting up in bed. Out of nowhere, there was a giant pound on our bedroom door. Girlfriend and I visibly shaken, I grab a knife and wait for what was out there to come in. This happened two more times and then stopped. I got up, braved the rest of the house and I searched the apartment high and low.. There was nothing missing or broken and he wasn't around. You ma be thinking “oh it was the neighbors” but this noise was clearly, distinctly inside our apartment, there was no “muffled” sound to it, it was clear as day. After that I always have this fear in the back of my head that it will happen again which thankfully it hasn't.

My life has been a lot of ups and downs. I have had a lot of paranormal run ins not all were scary and bad but not all are good. There are things that have happened that I either could disprove or were to small to even bring up. I have learned that there are people that are more sensitive to spirits and I feel like I might be one of those people. I have only seen one that I could see any real detail, but mostly just shadows. Lastly, I am a firm believer in letting the dead stay dead because in every Johnny, there could be a Bobby. Thank you for reading.

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