Hi, my name is Rose, and as I am typing this, I am 16 years old. I live in New Hampshire in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. I'm not sure what the exact population of my village is, but you can easily walk from one end of town to the other in less than a half-hour. My town which I will call Small-place is on a large lake connected to several smaller lakes. My mom, brother, and I live on one of those smaller lakes.
I wanted to tell people about my experiences in this house because they have gotten much worse in the past few months since my grandma died.
A bit of background: My grandma, who passed away about 10 months ago, had lived in the house for just over 20 years, and no one had owned the house before that. The house was a completely blank slate, which I think is why so many spirits feel at home here.
My grandparents are both dead now, but when they were younger, they owned an antique shop which I suspect held many cursed or haunted items. Eventually, my grandparents retired, and much of what was in the shop moved into my current home with them. My Gramps (My mom's dad) was a bit of a hoarder, so most of the furniture and other knick-knacks in the house were his.
He collected everything from model soldiers to ventriloquist dummies to music boxes, and for better or worse, a lot of these objects have energies and actual spirits attached to them.

Ok, enough backstory, one of my first paranormal experiences in the house was from when I was very young. There was a large wooden puppet/doll that always sat behind a bar downstairs in our sitting area. The doll could be seen when you walked up ordain the stair, and for whatever reason, my little brother and I were always scared of it. Any time we would go up the stairs, we would hear the puppet creak or see it move out of the corner of our eyes, and we would sprint up the stairs. Honestly, I never really understood why we kept the dumb thing, but whenever we tried to move it, it would wind up right back at the bottom of the stairs, behind the bar.

I remember one time when I was 11 or 12, I decided to conduct an experiment, I moved the doll puppet thingy while everyone was upstairs for dinner and when we came back down, it had moved. I knew that no one had been downstairs, and there was no way the puppet had been brought back to its usual sitting place. This is only one instance of a haunting in my house, and there are many other entities that don't seem to have specific items that they're attached to.

One of these is the ghost on the stairs. So about a year ago, we finally got rid of the doll/puppet from before. But for some reason, my brother and I still found the stairs to have some negative energy, which became even more apparent when we got a dog. We got a shi-Tzu who we named Charlie. So, some things to remember; my name is Rose, my Brother is Jack, the dog is Charlie, and my mom doesn't want her name to be shared so I will re-name her Carol.
So this only happened around a month ago, and it is what prompted me to record my experiences.
SO my brother and I were hanging out downstairs, and we hear my mom whistle for us. (My mom can do this really loud two-finger whistle that she uses to get our attention when we're playing video games) We head upstairs, and I am in front of Jack. As I'm going, I stub my toe on something sharp and fall. Jack tries to catch me, but I end up causing us both to fall down the stairs. At that moment, our mom comes in the front door with Charlie, who immediately runs to the top of the stairs and starts barking wildly. Almost like he wants to help but is too scared to actually come down the stairs.
Anyway, Jack and I ask mom what she wanted us for, but she looks confused and tells us she didn't call and that she had been out with the dog for 15 minutes. To this day, Jack and I can't figure out who called us or what I stubbed my toe on.

I have a ton of other stories but those are two of the tamer ones, if you ever want to hear something scarier, I definitely have a lot to share. Anyway, thanks for listening! 
- Rose 
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