Hello, my name is Ashley and this is the story of my nightmare, the nightmare of “him” that I thought was finally rid of him until a few nights ago. A quick backstory on myself is I am 5’6, I work out a lot and weigh around 125 lbs. Now this is to describe what my friends in high school called me, I was always a “prude or good girl” my friends called me the Starbucks Special, because of me being skinny with a big butt. It all may seem funny right now but I promise you it’s not! Now it all started my senior in high school back in 2013. At the beginning of the year, our school switched up the school district lines. Which put different students at different schools.

The “him” nightmare who I will refer to as Chase was one of those students. He came to my school a few months after school started. So it was already fall time, my favorite time of the year. I always wore my best outfits during this time of year from skirts to sweater dresses. It was basically every school day, some type of outfit I would wear was a skirt or dress.

This is where it started, a few weeks into Chase being new to my school. I started to get to know him in my English class. We usually had more group projects in that class, which is how him and I started to get to know one another. Most of my best friends were in this class, so they as well got to know him. The nickname I told you about earlier in my story comes into play now.

As my friends would make fun of me, because the most I ever did was kiss or hold hands with a guy. I am not by far the prettiest girl but I do think I’m at least average.

This is what got Chase’s attention to my friends.

They heard my friend Joey talking about how I am the only virgin probably in high school and I had never even let a guy grab my butt. I’m not a church girl or anything but I am just very particular on what I do or who I let do things and I really respect my body.

Joey kept on telling me that my white girl star bucks butt was the special for every guy in our school. Which I did feel was a bit uncalled for but I just brushed it off. Well as Chase listened he started to ask me, if kissing was the most I’ve ever done with a guy. I said yes.

Now through out the next few weeks I could tell he started to like me, he was very cute but I was just shy and didn’t want to talk to him like that. Now with those weeks going by Chase started to get touchy, and make jokes with my friends, I guess to fit in. Now the touching part was something my friends didn’t do, and he would only do it when no one else was watching or paying attention. As I stated earlier in the story I wear pretty much either skirts or dresses. Through the few weeks, the touching was from groping my butt or to pulling up my dress or lifting my skirts up a little bit. At first I would play it off but inside I felt very uncomfortable. As time went on though it started to get more aggressive.

One day our class went to the computer lab in English and I had to go use the bathroom.

Now we had to have hall passes but we didn’t have any. So my teacher told Chase to go to the library to get a few boxes of hall passes and signed a sticky note for me to go use the bathroom down the hall. As chase went before me, I didn’t see him when I went to the bathroom, which I was kinda glad because of how uncomfortable he was becoming to me. (Now side note, you may say why didn’t you tell anyone) that’s because everyone saw me as this prude good girl, which I was prude because I wasn’t ready for anything like that, but I didn’t know how to go about telling anyone.

Anyways, I felt like Chase had waited for me outside of the bathroom because when I came out of the bathroom, I heard him yell “hey Ashley Star bucks” I turned around to acknowledge him and laugh. He started talking to me about the class assignment we were doing and then looked at me.

He made the comment “I wish your body was my assignment” As I tried to laugh it off he grabbed my hand before I could turn around and he asked me if I would be his date to the upcoming school winter dance. Then before I could say anything (and I honestly didn’t know what to say) he looked at me and said “actually you will go with me because your body is mine and I’d like to be the first to see it ” now again like I said, I have done anything with a guy in my 4 years of high school. Not even one guy had seen me in my underwear.

Which Chase knew. Now at this point I started to feel uncomfortable and scared. Where the bathroom was back to the computer lab was about a 5 min walk and there was really no one down this hall and at this point it was empty.

It was just myself and my nightmare Chase. In which I will remind you, all I wore during fall to winter were either skirts or dresses. That day I had on a sweater dress that had snap buttons all down the front, which was out it was put on. It only being myself and Chase in this hallway alone, left him to do the unthinkable to me. He unsnapped all of my buttons on my dress pulling it open and looking at me with this smirk on his face, nodding that he was finally the first to see me in my underwear. I just stood there in shock, not believing what had just happened.

After that Chase walked away, as I ran into the bathroom locking myself in a stall. I was lucky none of the buttons broke but I didn’t know what to do, I became so scared.

The next day Chase has been absent from school, which I was so happy for.

Though that Monday he was back. That day and on, he would find me alone in different situations and do such things to me like he did the first time. To the point that one day I got so tired of being scared after this situation. My English teacher asked me to go get markers for the overhead. As I was on the way back I ran into Chase, who I think was waiting for me, he stopped me in the middle of the hall and just watched me until he said the dance is a week away. As I acknowledged him, I tried walking past him until he grabbed me, turned me around and unsapped both of my overall dress buttons. My overall dress fell to the ground as he just then walked past me grabbing my butt. I had at this point, I had to say something! I just had to find the right person to tell. The next day is where he finally got caught but it came with embarrassment and everyone seeing.

We were standing in the lunch line and Chase was standing behind me, he kept feeling on my butt and I kept telling him to stop. Which I never did before, and I could tell this angered him. To the point where he attempted it one more time and I turned around and slapped him, yelling stop grabbing my ass!

That day I was wearing a Snap button sweater type skirt and matching shirt. He then yelled “your mine” and pulled my shirts buttons apart and the same to my skirt, ripping it off. Leaving me standing in my underwear and bra in front of the whole school. My friend Joey jumped on him and the principal ran over giving me his suit jacket to cover up with. From what I heard Chase was arrested and sent to have elevations done on his health. As of now, I understand he is being held until his court date in 8 months. I hope no girl or guy has to go through this like I did and always speak up to someone.

This is what I learned, and Chase if you ever hear this or try to find me, your last thought will be, you should have never come back. So Chase, let’s never meet again

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I actually hate people who are like that. im sorry you had to go through that
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