It may seem crazy to most how I can remember this from when I was so young but these encounters are something that sprouts it's roots deep into your memories. As an 18 year old, I am expected to let go of childish things and build my life, become an adult, but while thinking of my childhood home a few days ago I remembered the unexplained things that happened to me that i honestly I can not fully explain or talk to anyone about, even today. It is weird to even look at the windows of that old place as i walk by on occasion.This happened about 13 or 14 years ago when I lived at my old four room apartment with my family. Because I was the youngest of three sisters I had to room with my parents till i was about 4 or 5 years old, as my sisters both wanted to have their own room, and slept in a crib that I got from my grandmother when I was born. Now every night my parents would have their bedroom door open, they thought it would help me sleep as i always stayed up, feeling uncomfortable in that room in the dark, or in that room in general. And every night I felt my gaze drawn to the open door into the hallway, I would stare for hours at the hallway, at the corner i could see in the dim light from the windows. I could almost always see this....thing,standing there, staring at me,he looked about seven feet tall,his body black and wispy , it's body wasn't solid, I could see the wall behind it, even in the darkest of night I could see through whatever it was. Some nights I would turn my back to it and look at the blue curtain to try to get some sleep, to put my mind at ease, but I could still feel it's stare burning in to my back and head. One day when I was nearing my sixth birthday my parents decided that I was old enough to share a room with my older sister, of course her ten year old self was beyond annoyed at the thought of sharing a room with her younger sister, but the decision was final. I was happy to be out of that bedroom and the thought of not having to be afraid to sleep at night made me calm, much to my mothers confusion. Some nights when my parents went to sleep early and the hallways were quiet, I would sneak out of bed and quietly tip-toe along the wall down the hallway till i reached the open entrance to the living room. When I would peek around the corner at the adjacent hallway and look at the figure that would be standing in the same spot, looking at the, now closed, door to my parents bedroom. I would stare until I was sure he wouldn't start moving and go to bed, feeling a bit more at ease. But one night when I did the routinely thing after everyone was asleep and i had been staring for a few minutes, I saw it's head turn towards my direction, staring me down through the darkness. I was so scared that I ran with no shame of how loud I was or who I would wake up and jumped into the bed. After that I never went out of bed when it became dark.
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