Ben Horgen
My name is Ben and the accounts in this story are mostly from my mom and I, we moved to this house ten years ago but the story takes place 7 to 9 years ago, I was a young boy I forget how old, in a small town in Wisconsin.

So when we moved in we noticed a few creepy land marks, one of which was a 100+ year old grave yard and the other was an old barn in the woods, the first few months where fine, then we noticed a deep and very dark presence in our bedroom almost like we were being watched and felt like if someone was sitting on our chests. Then thingy in the house started turning on by themselves, like the xbox, the microwave, and even the stove which was very hard to turn on, my mom and a candle fly off the shelf and nearly hit her and I had a xbox controller fly off the couch and almost hit me, then one day when my family were playing outside, I walked in the side door and looked down the hall to see a boy, he was a white figure that just simply faded away, the next day I told my mom about it and she told me she had been seeing the same entity she just didn't want to tell us because she thought we'd be scared which we were, we soon had our pastor come and talk to us and he said to our parents to pray around the house and burn any demonic objects like my moms ouija board that she got when she was younger thinking that it was a toy, so after they prayed around the house a few days and burned that board we no longer had problems, then roughly ten years after that we moved for unrelated reasons. I've always been a Christian but that experience made my faith a lot stronger
 So my message to you is that if you have a demon/ghost problem just go to God for help.
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