In the early 2000s, I had lived in South Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was a little bit of a rough neighborhood and still is but in comparison, it's not the worst part of the city. During that time I was living in a very old house my family called the South House due to being in the southern part of the city. It's Probably a hundred years old or so. I don't remember exactly when it was made. Despite it's age, it's quite a decent looking little home that sits on the corner of an intersection. But I had a strange feeling about this house before I even moved in. While it was still for sale, I used to keep driving over to it and parking on the street directly across from the front of the house. I would just sit and stare at it with a weird feeling thinking that the house is not normal.

I eventually set aside my strange feeling of the place and bought it. I moved in with my dog named Magnum. He was a brindle colored "pitbull" and he was the most fearless dog I've ever seen. He scared the shite out of people and other dogs. He definitely kept me safe in this old house which was all I could afford at the time. But perhaps I should've picked a different place to live because strange things began to happen.

I remember one day I had looked out my front window to see an old man standing on the other side of the street, looking as if he was going to cross it. He had long black and gray hair and he was wearing some kind of old style of clothing, definitely not modern. After a few seconds when I had blinked, the old man was gone. That wasn't the last of him though. Time and time again I heard cars swerving around, horns honking and even accidents outside. During those incidents I had asked people what happened and they swore they saw an old man walk out into the middle of the street without even looking. But every single time this happened, the old man wasn't there. I can imagine that the police were getting tired of this story. Who would believe that some guy kept disappearing?

I remember other times, I started hearing a commotion coming from upstairs. It sounded like people were running around up there. But every time I checked, there was no one up there. But it got stranger than that. Normally I would keep all the upstairs rooms closed except for the one and only bathroom in the place which I would also leave the light on for whenever I had to make my way to the bathroom during the night.

But one morning, I went to use the bathroom and the light was off. Also the master bedroom down the hallway was wide open. I wasn't sure how that happened but it wasn't the only time it did. Every night after that I would turn on the bathroom light which had a stiff switch, one that you really had to snap to turn off. I also made sure that the master bedroom door was closed by rattling it. Then I would go to bed. Every morning it was the same. The bathroom light would be off and the master bedroom door would be wide open. It was so strange. After that I figured there might be a spirit in the home, maybe a few or that maybe someone was sneaking into my house at night. So I was on high alert after that. At this point most people would have called the police or gotten the hell out of there. But I didn't. I stuck around since I didn't know for sure if there was a ghost there or not. But things only got worse.

One day I came home from my security job to find my dog Magnum looking very shaken and scared for some reason. I really wasn't sure why because he was always fearless. Honestly, I really wasn't scared of the noises that I heard upstairs before or the situation with the bathroom light and master bedroom door. So Magnum knew something that I did not and it was really scaring him. Well, oh man did I find out what it was and it scared the living daylights out of me.

What happened was that I heard loud foot steps upstairs. It wasn't the same running foot steps I heard before. These were loud heavy foot steps and I thought someone broke into my house by climbing up to the second story window. I then heard the foot steps slowly but loudly start making their way down the stairs coming from what sounded like a big guy wearing heavy boots. I quickly grabbed my revolver and stood behind a makeshift curtain that I had hung in the doorway to separate the living room from the hall which had the stairs on the other side, a few feet from the doorway. I waited as the foot steps made their way down the stairs and I was going to present myself and my gun as soon as this person stepped on the creaky step at the bottom of the stairs.

Once I heard the creak I whipped back the curtain expecting some big guy to be there with my gun in his face. And at that moment my heart sank. Because there was no one there. I let go of the curtain, letting it close. Do you know that feeling of sudden fear when your heart sinks into your stomach? It's like an oh shite feeling when your body is shaking, your heart is pounding, your hair is standing up and you can almost feel the fear running through your veins. It's the feeling you get when you know something is wrong, horribly wrong.

Even after that day I didn't move out. I was still living in that terrifying home. And that situation at the stairs was not the end of it. I remember another time a picture floated off of the wall almost to my face before falling to the floor. Another time where the mouse trap in the pantry snapped and then there was a loud crash in the kitchen where I found the stove had been moved well out of place, almost hitting the gas line in the wall behind it. I checked the pantry to take a look at the mouse trap but it was gone. I searched the pantry and the kitchen up and down, all over but I couldn't find it. I never saw that mouse trap again. Did the ghost take it? Did it snap on him and make him angry enough to smash my stove? That must have been one hell of a strong ghost. More like a poltergeist. If he could do that, what could he have done to me?

So eventually came the time where I had enough. I made sure every light in the house was off and I waited until night. Once darkness consumed every room, I grabbed my bible and my cross. I then proceeded to loudly recite Hail Mary prayers and then saying "The power of God commands you." and "You are dead. Go to the light." out loud through every room on both floors including the basement. After I had performed an excorcism on the entire house, that was the last of the problems I had with the ghost. I never heard a peep ever again.

I eventually allowed my 4 year old nephew to visit me and see Magnum for the first and last time. Unfortunately Magnum passed away and so I was there alone until I got a new dog that was nicer by nature. I had lived in the South House for a few years before selling it to my brother and moving out. He let our mother move into it who lived there for a few years with several cats and a dog until the house burned in a fire. She made it out safely but unfortunately none of her pets did. Even after the fire, the house was still standing and so my brother remodeled the entire house and eventually sold it.

The South House was very extraordinary. Nothing like I've ever seen before. It has a long story behind it. It has been through a lot over the years. And as far as I know, after getting rid of the ghost there, the South House has been peaceful ever since.
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