The house of my late grandparents is one in the Alabama woods. They aren’t particularly deep woods, but it’s a lot further out than you’d originally think upon travelling there. It was a place that, in my youth, was filled with comfort and felt like a true home. But then, when I was fourteen, my grandmother passed away.

My grandmother was a woman who exuded kindness and life with every breath she breathed. She was the kind of person that no one had anything negative to say about. She and my grandfather both were devout Presbyterians and would attend church every Sunday. I believe that it was because of my grandmother’s light, and her faith, that whatever evil rested in the woods around my grandparents’ home was kept at bay for my childhood.

After she died, my grandfather lived out there alone, save for a couple of outdoor cats. He fell into a deep depression and something about the home, the land around the house changed. It no longer felt like a happy place. My grandmother’s absence seemed to be noted even by the forest that surrounded the home.

Some nights my father would go out there just to make sure that my grandfather had someone. My father and I didn’t like knowing that he was all alone up there, sinking further into her absence. It was on one of these nights that my father spent out there that this happened. It was nothing major, but still worth noting.

My father liked to sleep out on the screened in porch, listening to the cicadas and frogs as he fell asleep. He was doing this one night, when he suddenly woke up in a cold sweat. In the next several moments, he discovered what it was that had awoken him. It was a screeching wail that was coming from the tree line, about twenty yards from the house. He described it to me as a sound that he’d never heard before. He said that it sounded like it couldn’t belong to a creature of this world.

He looked out into the woods, towards the sound, and saw, staring back at him, a pair of reflectively glowing orange eyes. I’ve done some research, and the only naturally occurring glowing eyes that I was able to find were red, yellow, green and white. No orange. My father said that the pair of eyes paced back and forth along the tree line, but they never left him.

It gave off another of its screaming, wailing barks before vanishing into the night air. My father went back to sleep, but in the morning when he woke up, he had an unsettling feeling in his stomach. As it turned out, one of my father’s friends had committed suicide the night before. My dad thinks it was a demon out in the woods that night, howling a victory call. A call that claimed joy for the suicide of my dad’s friend.

I’ve had multiple nightmares about that house, all involving humanoid creatures with large eyes watching through the windows from the woods. It unsettles me, being out there. Even during the day I feel as though I shouldn’t stray too far from the house.

Well, about two years ago, my grandfather passed away as well. So now, there’s no one that lives out there except for the cats. I don’t know what my father is planning on doing with the property, but whatever it is, I hope it drives back the evil that surrounds that place.

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