The first event happened before me and my girlfriend were dating, the second and third event happened while we were dating.
In late fall of 2017 me, my soon to be girlfriend, and two of her friends were at the mall doing some shopping, well they were shopping, I had really stopped at the two stores I needed to go to, 5:11 Tactical for a new belt, a new pair of Utility pants, and a pair of new boots, and some Black Rifle coffee, and Cabelas for a new spotting scope. I was carrying some of the bags that were too heavy for the girls to carry, when a bag of clothes is heavy (and I mean like crop tops, short shorts, and T-shirts, so not heavy clothing) you’re buying to many clothes. Katie’s (my nickname for my now girlfriend) friends had gone into some God awful perfume store that I couldn’t breathe inside of with out a CBRN rated gas mask and I had left my MOP-4 gear at home so that store was out of the question, I swear there was a visible haze  of perfume outside that store, but Katie needed to use the bathroom and I told her I’d escort her there. “I can’t breathe in that store your friends went in, it’s worse than being in a tear gas chamber” I told her, she laughed and said, “I don’t know what that feels like but I’ll take your word for it” We got to the bathroom and I waited outside on a bench, casually scanning my surroundings and checking to see when Katie was coming out, I looked over at one point and saw a guy, mid to late 30s, so much older than me and Katie, us only being 16 at the time walk into the hall to the bathroom, that’s normal to see, the way the bathroom is set up is that there is a short hallway with the women’s restroom on one side and men’s on the other. So I think nothing of it, a couple minutes later I see Katie walking at a brisk pace to me, I stand up and meet her and ask what’s wrong, she stands on her tip toes to whisper in my ear, “to your 9 see that guy standing at the opening to the hall?” “Check” I took in his appearance (yes) “ok, play along” before I could respond she kissed me and said “hey Jackie I thought you were going to the food court to meet up with the others, “I figured I should stay with you just to be safe, can’t be too careful with a girl like you, someone might try to take you away” “Jackie you know that won’t happen, that kind of thing doesn’t happen around here. Come on let’s go” she said as she grabbed my hand and put my arm around her midsection. “You’re the boss hon” I replied as we started walking toward the food court in the center of the mall, I kept checking our 6 and sure enough the guy was tailing us, he seemed to be having a conversation with someone on one of those hands free blue tooth phones you put in your ear, when Katie’s two friends saw us they came over and razzed me and Katie, “when did this happen?” One of them asked in reference to us pretended to be a couple, “Katie thinks a guy is stalking her…” I rattled off a general BOTLO “roughly 5ft 8, red hair, mid to late 30s, wearing a light grey Adidas pullover, black basketball shorts, yellow Jordans, crooked nose, green eyes, pock marked face, acting sketchy, furtive movements and seems to be talking to someone on a blue tooth phone, he keeps checking his watch, on his right arm, two rings on his left hand, one on the index and the other on the middle.” “Ok” “got it” were their replies, Katie then explained that when she had exited the bathroom the guy was standing in the entry to the men’s bathroom as if he was waiting for her, she was proven correct when he followed her out and to the food court, I for one wasn’t worried about her getting hurt, I always had a weapon of some sort on me where ever I could, still do, I have an EDC, knife and flashlight, in my front right pocket, wallet in back right on a chain connecting it to a belt loop, I had left my FNS-9 (a sub compact .40 caliber handgun made by FN) in the truck like and idiot, I also had a go to hell bag with a trauma kit, small tool kit, shelf stable food and bottled water, Sig Sauer P220 with three spare mags of FMJ, two mags with JHP, a box of 9mm assorted ammo, a wad of $200, a short wave handheld, spare batteries, water filter straw, and a fixed blade, in my truck. I told the girls that I needed to go to my truck to grab something, s Katie said she’d come along and I agreed, we walked outside the mall and to my truck, I unlocked the glove box and removed my holstered FNS-9 and mag holster with two extra mags one of FMJ and one of JHP, the mag in the gun was JSP and I had 1 in the pipe and 12 in the mag, full cap +1,I got squared away and we went back inside, he followed us for the rest of the day, luckily I didn’t have to draw my weapon that day, a couple weeks later I asked her out and she said yes,
the second encounter was at her house, we were on her couch cuddling when some one knocked on the door, I got up and grabbed my FNS-9 from the coffee table and checked the peephole, it was covered by something on the outside preventing me from seeing out, I got my handgun in a low ready and swung open the door but I wasn’t fast enough, he was sprinting to his car across the street and driving off, I called the police but nothing came of it, they told us to call if he came back and we told them we would. 

the third encounter was in the city, a month after the last one, I’m not used to the city seeing as I live in the country side, but Katie was a suburban girl who loves the city, I don’t find the appeal, but she wanted to go to the zoo, so I agreed and I picked her up at about 13:40 and we got to the zoo at about 14:00 we had some time before the zoo opened so me and her took a walk in a small park near where we parked, Katie was teasing me about something when I noticed her stalker on the far side of the park sitting on a bench staring at us, I said “don’t look just walk in the other direction towards the truck, that creep is back” she immediately grew pale and started walking back to the truck, I kept watching him as she walked back to the truck, he got up and started to walk briskly in Katie’s direction, I had my gun on me this time so I drew it and kept it at a at my side in a one handed grip, I told Katie to run back to the truck and to lock the doors as I ran to intercept the guy, as soon as he saw me approaching he ran in the other direction. I jogged back to the truck and unlocked the door with the key FOB, I asked her, “you still want to visit the zoo hon?” “Yes” “no factor” (ok/understood) when we were walking through the zoo I spotted creep one time, and it was when I had a fellow zoo goer take mine and Katie’s picture in front of a water fall, I saw him right before Katie went over to the lady that was taking the picture and conspired with her she smiled, nodded and said “ok” Katie then stood on her tip toes and kissed me and the lady took the picture, I looked over to the man and saw he had his phone out and pointed at us, I told Katie to stay there, and that I was going to confront him, the lady told her son, roughly 16 years old to go with me to confront him, I told him to box the creep in, we cornered him and I looked him straight in the eye and said “You best stay the hell away from us, if I see you in the same neighborhood as her I’ll take you to the swamp, tie you too a stump and let the rattlers and the gators have you for dinner. Understood?” All the while I had my hand in knife hand mode 3 inches away from his face directly under his eye. He nodded sputtered something about Katie being a slut whore and ran off. I walked over to Katie and the lady and said, “Thank you miss” and “thanks buddy” to her son they both said “you’re welcome” and we parted ways. 

this is the last encounter we had with him, a year after the last incident me and Katie were sitting on the couch in her living room, it was late at night and her parents were out on a week long trip and Katie asked me to stay with her, I readily agreed to this because she would have been all alone in her house for a week, I was worried something would happen… like her catching the kitchen on fire trying to make soup or something. But back to the story, me and her were wearing only sleeping cloths, that meant I was wearing Ranger Panties and nothing else, and she was wearing one of my tee shirts and underwear and that was it, we were watching I believe it was Lilo and Stitch on Netflix, I was leaning up against the arm of the couch with my feet propped up on the coffee table, and Katie was laying down with her upper torso and head in my lap, her legs were parted slightly exposing her undercarriage to the window, I had had been tickling her and that’s how she settled, I’m not paying attention to the TV but to Katie because I was thinking about what our future would be, we had just graduated high school and Katie wanted to go to college but I was not, Katie senses something was bothering me and spoke up, “what’s up Jackie?” “Nothing Katie” “don’t bs me Jackie, what’s wrong?” “Nothing babe, seriously, nothing.” “Ok… if you say so…” I was going to pick her up and take her to bed because it was 2 AM, when she screamed “Jackie someone is at the window” I looked up and saw the creep at the window, I sprinted outside and knocked him out and zip tied him, I asked him “remember what I told you I’d do to you if you came near her again?” He nodded, “well that wasn’t an empty threat, you’re going to meet your maker” and I took him out to a swamp tied him to a stump and left him there, I did call the police telling them where he was, I didn’t get charged with anything, but I think he got the point.

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