First off I got to give some background before I get into the story. Like me and my friends like to go camping and or just spend the entire day you goofing off. And one of my friends Forsake privacy. I will call him Lobo. And the other one will call Tony. Lobo he was the older out of us. And the biggest you 6 foot 1 weight about 250 lb And he was kind of like the captain of the group. And now that I think about it. Every time we talked about him. We always described him Superhuman like He played football in high school. Every hit that he gave or took he always came back up from it. I'm starting to get off topic.
Onto the story. There is only three of us going on this camping trip we planned on staying week. And this plot of Woods at Lobos that he been to countless of times. So we met up at our Town's local grocery store. And we hopped in Lobos Truck. And we drove up on our way to the camping site. 
So when we got to the plot of woods we all hopped out of the truck And got all the stuff. Star hiking on her way into the woods. And I took Note of everything around us The birds are chirping. You can hear the sound of squirrels running through the leaves everything sounded peaceful But as we are hiking up. Lobo seemed adjective When you looked at his face, you can see something was wrong. So we got to the plot of land that Lobo was talking about it was an open plot of land. I made a clear Circle where you can see anything That walked into the clearing. And Tony ask Lobo Why did he pick this clearing? And said that nothing, usually comes into that clearing But if something does will be able to see it Daytime or night But the only thing going through my mind is how would be able to see anything in the pitch-black of night. So we quickly set up the tents. And Lobo get a fire started then Started to collect wood to keep the fire going. He collected a 5 foot High stack of wood enough to last us for the rest of the day and all night. he said that he doesn't want anybody going in at the woods in the middle of the night. I thought he meant gets lost in the woods Or something like that. So nighttime quickly approached and Lobo told Tony. To going to and get some rest. Tony was the youngest of us and he did not want him to be whining that he was tired through the entire day. So Tony went to bed. So I and Lobo Stayed up talking. We were talking about normal guy stuff. Like lobo was a big hunter. And he always find these gorgeous Trophy Bucks. Around 12 O Clock That's when things start getting strange. The fire was Blazing and I thought I heard. Tony calling out for me. In the woods Lobo looked at me in. Told me that's not Tony. And then opened his tent. And told me to look at it. Tony was there fast asleep. And I told Oba that we should go check it out. And he said no. That's what it wants us to do. I looked at him with a questing look What do you mean? It I asked him. He looked at me with. Concerned worried and hatred eyes and said you don't want to know. And that's when I noticed Lobo look like he's gotten taller. Bigger Harrier And I saw his eyes turned. A bright orange for a second. I thought that it was the reflection of the fire in his eyes. But the longer I look the more I noticed about my friend He was muscular. It almost look like he was pure muscle. With hair all over him She was looking into the woods at this one corner. Love it, and I thought I saw.  A nine maybe ten. Foot tall man with glowing yellow eyes staring at us. Lobo quickly went to his bag and pulled out a .44 magnum Handed it to me. And told me to get in the tent with Tony. Once I did she zipped up the tent. So I do want to see. What's going to happen? But the fire was so big you can see The Shadow of him over the tent. Heard snapping popping Lobo making quick gasp of pain I watch my friend. Turn into this. Giant half man half wolf beast and as soon as he finish turning He made this blood-curdling. Howell just remembering that moment I get goosebumps. How loud and How terrifying it was then he launched at that thing that was watching us. I heard screaming. Growling It sounded like two wild animals having a fight to the death. Then everything went quiet. Then all of a sudden I hear a loud. Scream it sounded like a woman screaming It sounded like it was right beside my tent. I look at Tony. I'm surprised that he's sleeping through all of this. It sounds like a scream was getting closer. And as the scream sound like it was mere feet from my tent. I hear a loud Snap! Then screaming stopped and I hear snapping Groening The snapping sound like joints popping back together. Then Lobo said Ian Can you please? Come out of the tent.  I dare not to stick my head out of the tent. So the mosquito net zipper that's Like in the tent door is it that open? To see what was in front of me. I see my friend's body. But with a wolves head on top of it His body look the same size, but his head was. A wolves still it was still changing back into a man's face It looked horrifying. My dear friend covered in blood I have no clue of as his or Whatever the thing that was watching us. Once his head turn back to normal. I came outside of the tent. merely two feet away from our tent was a body and then the fire was something that of a head burning the body was long and slender it was like a Gray color with tints of black on it And then the fire I just see. The head of the sea creature with its eyes still glowing. A bright hateful or yellow? I asked Lobo what happened? He looked at me with sad. Cold eyes and said You don't want to know. And the coldest tone I have ever heard. I asked him what he is. And he said well the best way for me to describe myself is a werewolf. But unlike a werewolf I have powers reason why Tony stayed asleep I used one of my powers on him I am not strong enough to use it on to people yet  And unlike werewolves. I can turn into that Beast form whenever I want. Make me in the middle of the day. And I can turn into it. And I'm immune to Silver. And as he's telling me all this. All his of wounds. We're healed  After that, I don't remember much.
 I woke up. In my tents with Tony next to me. Lobos awake making breakfast on the Fire He seemed. Happy relaxed Instead of his agitated and almost hateful. Mood That he was in the day before. I looked where the body was and it was gone. There was no sign of blood or trailer anything. On the ground and everything seems like a dream. But I know it wasn't. After that the trip went on Uneventful, we had actually a great time.  On the final day of the trip we picked up all of our stuff And hiked back down to where we park the truck. And we got back It's pretty much normal lives after that. We still all hang out from time to time. But when I'm at home by myself. And I think I see something in the woods. I know I'm about to get a visit from a dear old friend of mine. The Beast
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