Bear with me cause this may be long.

It was a normal day at my high school. I was sitting with my friend, let's call her Shayla, at lunch and we were having a conversation about the documentary, Earthlings. Shayla has a passion for animals, so obviously the documentary really upset her. But then something strange happened. I saw her get up and declare in a voice that wasn't her's, "Animal abusers and their families should die!" Her voice was significantly deeper. Her eyes had turned a glowing red and they stayed that way for a few minutes. This was a few years ago now, but I only recently told her about it. She has no memory of any of this and believes she was possessed.

A bunch of other strange stuff has happened with her. When we were 12, Shayla was feeling down because her grandfather had passed away. I told her a funny a story about this kid who confessed his crush in front of the whole class. Then i noticed that Shayla's eyes had turned more snake like and she said in the same feel voice, "That boy was bad," that was out of character as she's normally a very nice girl and that really freaked me out. That sounded nothing like her and it wasn't a child's voice.
The most recent incident was when we were in the computer lab that's downstairs in our union at our college. We were with a friend of ours who we had just met. Then when Shayla got a text, she got irritated that she had to leave the computer lab and said in that same voice, "I hate when people get in the way of my work!" I saw our friend and she had a shocked look on her face. When we were going home, I told Shayla what happened but she just spaced out. Her eyes then rolled almost all the way back into her head and she had the most sinister grin. It reminded me of the clown from the new IT movie.
I could go on with more stories but I would rather not as this would become too long.
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