My name is taylor and this happened when i went on my first urban exploration with my marcus and ex girlfriend Kiara. I live in a haunted house myself so i'm pretty used to things moving and hearing voices. The sprits in my house arent malicious but more mischievous. Not at all like the sprits we encountered in the house we explored.

I got a phone call from marcus to help him out with exploring a empty house a few blocks from his house and ofcourse i said yes.

When i arrived at the bar we agreed on meeting i waved my hand and shouted "yo marcus how's it hanging man". Marcus waving back at me just said "dude look at all the stuff i brought for this" and pulled out 2 walkie talkies, 3 flashlights, emf detectors and even a spritbox. " heh man are we doing a ghost hunting or something" but before marcus could answer we both heared a sigh followed by "you seriously asked him to help as well". I looked up and saw my ex girlfriend Kiara which made me a bit angry and just shouted "why is she here man, you know what happened".

Marcus stood up and just said "wow ok enough hostility you two ok, i know the whole thing that happened a few months between you two but i cant explore this house on my own so could you guys just chill and be nice for the night". Kiara and i just looked at eachother and i just said "fine" to which Kiara just squinted her eyes a little and said "fine for now".

We walked to the house and marcus handed the flashlights, handed me a walkie, 1 of the emf detectors and handed me the spiritbox. Now we were standing in front of pretty big house and macrus just getting giddie. "come on man how old are you jumping up and down like that" to which marcus just laughed and said "dude i'm twentytwo just like you, four years ago". Kiara just sighed again and said "my god i'm happy i never dated you" after which marcus calmed down. "ok dude you and Kiara explore the first and second floor and i'll explore the ground floor and cellar" to which i thought Kiara would just explode but to my surprise she just said "fine it'll give him no way to not talk to me". I was still pretty mad but Kiara and i slowly walked up to the first floor which seemed a little off to me.

Kiara was walking in front of me and after a few steps she just violantly turned around and shouted "heh hands off the merchandise" to which i jumped slightly backward. "what is wrong with you scaring me like that" and Kiara looked mad at me but i just blurred out "yeah thats the angry look of a cheater and look i have the emf and spiritbox in my hand so how could i even touch you". "well something touched me" and she calmed down.

We walked further on the first floor and Kiara would grunt every once i a while to which after about an hour she just grabbed a chair in the room we were in and threw it in anger shouting "who is touching me". I only saw Kiara that angry once and it was the night i saw Kiara with another guy. "wow ki calm down ok, we could use the emf and spritbox to find out" and she calmed down saying "fine but i'm actualy kinda happy you called me ki after all these months". "look lets just do that after this ok and use the emf" to which Kiara just nodded and we sat down.

Not as soon as we sat down i heared a male voice whisper "they are all mine" and i was surprised at how clear it was. Kiara looked at me and said "you heared that as well right" and i just nodded. "if you're the one that touched Kiara make the lights go all red" and no sooner as i said it they turned all the way red. We looked at eachother and Kiara blurred out "if you got a thing for girls make it go red" to which the lights went red immedeately.

Then we loudly heared a booh from the walkie which scared both of us. Kiara beat me to grabbing the walkie and she just went off ranting proffanities at marcus who had scared us.

After her tirade i grabbed the walkie from her shouting "marcus that better be your last and only joke tonight man because we were talking to a ghost cucumber pants" to which Kiara just looked at me saying "cucumber pants". " its a long story" and we heared marcus say "ok ok guys but i can only explore the groundfloor since the cellardoor is closed and it just wont budge". "fine man just do what you gotta do ok just dont bother us like that again" and marcus said he was ok with that. Kiara and i kept asking questions but what ever or who ever it was no longer reacted to which we just kept walking and Kiara clearly was still being touched that was until we stood in front of the stairs to the second floor.

"ugh finaly no more hands on my merchandise" and put my hand on her shoulder saying "heh ok so lets keep it that way and just go upstairs" to which she just smiled.

I kinda missed her smile and then heared a young girls voice say "he is gone". I looked around franticaly which made Kiara look weird at me and say "heh you ok, you look like you just saw a ghost". I made the face she knew all to well and she put her hand on my face. "come on you know you can tell me" to which i gathered my courage and said that i heared a girls voice. We then walked up the stairs but as soon as we were on the last step a loud thud could be heared. A ball then rolled across the hallway and i just could barely get myself to say "maybe it was just the wind". I clearly knew it wasnt since i had stuff moving in my own house but was trying to calm Kiara as much as i could.

Then we both heared loud footsteps below us on the first floor to which i grabbed the walkie and asked marcus if it was him. "no way dude i'm still trying to find another way into the cellar but so far no luck why" and Kiara replied "we just heared footsteps and i've been touched for over 2 hours now and it wasnt tay".

It was silent at the other side of the walkie and we could both hear a girly laughter. We looked at eachother but before we could say anything another loud thud was heared. Kiara screamed from fear and i could see tears forming in her eyes. I put my hands through her hair putting her hair behind her ear. She smiled again and we heared another thud. "enough of this i'm setting up the spiritbox" i said anrgy but Kiara tried stopping me from doing so.

Once i had it setup i asked her to sit down which she did holding my hand clearly in fear. "ok who rolled the ball just now" i asked and immedeately a girls voice said "ally".

The look on Kiara's face showed she was surpised at this and squeezed my hand harder. "ally why are you still here" and once again an immedeate reply. "here to stop" we heared the girls voice say to which Kiara immedeately asked "are you trying to stop the person who touched me". "yes, he evil" was the reply that came and Kiara started to look a little weird. "heh ki you ok" and after a few seconds she said "sorry i'm starting to feeling a bit of nausea".

No sooner Kiara said that we heared the girl through the spiritbox say "that's him". I looked at Kiara and she put her hand on her mouth as if she was ready to throw up to which i kinda had enough. "ki just go i dont want you getting sick ok". "will you be ok" to which i just nodded and Kiara stood up. She was actualy wobbling and i supported her so she wouldnt get hurt. We walked to the stairs and Kiara started walking down on her own.

I went back to the spiritbox that i had left and immedeately asked "who made her sick". What i heared gave me chills. "i did, she is mine now" i heared that male voice from before say through the spiritbox. Madly i said "what kinda of sicko are you man" to which i heared thuds come closer and closer. Then it all stopped. I looked around and heared from the spiritbox "is she safe". Its was that girl's voice and i walked to the window in the room.

I looked outside and i saw Kiara walking in circles so i texted her "heh stop walking in circles ok because you already feel sick". I saw her looking right at the window i was in and saw her texting on her phone.

The text read "i'm fine now but it seems you got some help with the young girl next to you". I looked around me franctialy but coudnt see any one. Then through the spiritbox i heared the male voice say "get out". It was stern this time but i looked out of the window and saw Kiara just standing out of the house. Then my hairs on my neck stood at end as i heared the girl voice right in my ear say "get out, he is here". The spirtbox flew across the room hitting the wall breaking it and my hearts was racing in my chest.

I slowly walked out of the room scared and when i was at the hallway it got even worse. I could swear the hallway was getting darker and after a few seconds my flashlight started flikkering.

I grabbed the walkie trying to ask marcus if the batteries were new but i only heared static. Then all the doors slammed shut all at the same time and there was no wind at all. "you are the guy who made ki sick right" and i waited for a reply that did not come at all. I was getting angry while my heart was still racing in my chest and i just shouted "you are a pathetic coward". My god do i wish i hadnt done that. All the doors just rambled for about 5 seconds to after i heared "all girls are mine".

I swear i could see the form of a slim male figure at the end of the hallway and then i heared loudly "get out now". Without a second of hesitation i ran out of there. I ran down the first pair of stairs and heared the girls voice "please help" but i ran down the stairs to the ground floor. It was then i looked at the cellar door and it was moving violantly. The fear of the situation had me frozen for a few seconds and then i saw a small hand coming from underneath the trembling door of the cellar.

I had enough and just ran out of the house. The moment i was out of the house i turned around and then Kiara threw her arms around me crying.

"omg you're still safe" to which i said with full surprise "what are you talking about". Kiara let loose of me and i saw marcus with surprise on his saying "dude how did you get in and out". "what" was the only thing i could get myself to say and it was only then i saw that Kiara was actualy crying.

She crumpled into a ball crying her eye out. " what did you mean just now cucumber pants" i said with anger and he answered "dude you said you got into the cellar and about a second after that you said something came down on you and you were dying". Kiara hugged me again crying and i just couldnt believe what marcus just said saying "are you pulling one on me cucumber pants". "i swear you said something crashed on you and you had no way of surviving this" and i just got myself to saying "how and when did i say that".

With a crying voice Kiara said "we heared you through the walkie man and i wanted to go to help you but marcus said you'll be fine" and i just looked at both of them. "look man lets just go to the bar and go over a few things of the night ok" and both marcus and Kiara seemed to agree.

Marcus however looked back at the house saying "you guys go ahead to the bar and tell them to pour my regualr ok" to which we both just nodded. We left marcus and went to the bar ordering the regular for marcus while we waited on him. Kiara and i talked about the thing we both agreed we would talk about after the experience we just had.

After about thrirty minutes marcus finaly showed up and he just said "well the former couple seems to be back together". "man shut it and just say what took you so long man" and marcus told us he had set up a few camera's around that house and that he would check them the morning after.

We all three had a fun night for the rest of it. Ofcourse i went to bed about 6 in the morning as used to be normal when the three of us used to go out years before. I woke up and saw i had a few messages from marcus and just one from Kiara. The text of Kiara was the one i first read and it kinda scared me when i read " heh tay i think last night screwed up marcus big time because what he just told and showed me is no way normal at the slightest".

Then i read the texts of marcus. Most of them had pictures and a few had mp4 movies. I saw one movie amongst those that i truly wish i had never saw.

It was the door of the cellar and it was showing the same hand coming from the door but the video even showed something more terrifying. A male figure was seen standing infront of the door and i just knew it was the figure that terrified Kiara and i that night. The worst of that movie was the voice i heared saying "she is mine".

If you see a guy in his twenties, near his thirties tell them to stop looking into the house because even at the slightest things i found does not make me want to go out there ever again. Trust me you do not want to know what happened in that house. When you see a guy in a new york yankees cap with a backpack infront of a three story rundown house tell him its not worth the time to only run in terror when he finds out the truth
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