This slender man encounter happened before my first story. the story you are about to read, as with the first, is 100% true.
What  happened to me was this: i was in 5th grade, and i was sitting in my 1st period class. this was around 2011 or 2012, which everyone i knew was talking about the slender man. i didn't believe in slender man until this moment. while i was sitting at my desk, i nonchalantly drew the slender man symbol in my planner. the symbol is a circle with an x in it. little did i know just what would happen a few hours later. While we were heading back inside from recess, i looked over at the football field that's on the school property. What i saw made me stop dead in my tracks. Standing on the farthest goal post was the slender man. I didn't know what to think. Unlike my first story, this time he had tentacles. i can remember the exact number of tentacles he had. he had about 6. after 1 minute of looking at him, i went inside. the day passed like any other day. when i looked at the football field when i was going home, he was gone. Now you might say it was just my vivid imagination. But i know what i saw was real. then a few days later my first story happened. like i said in my first encounter, i never saw slender man again after that. I've tried numerous times to see him again. nothing has worked. maybe one day, i'll see him again. 
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