Hey my name is Sky at the time of this story i was 18 years old. I live on the South side of Chicago, IL. And i was going to go Sign up for Job Corps, So after a phone interview to set up a day to meet up and go over paper work she old me the location that was in the south suburbs. When the day of the meeting comes up  up she told me my day of the meeting would be push till 5p.m . so i took the bus and the bus stop but when i got there this place was the old  hospital. So as i am getting of the bus and walking pass the gates i feel a cold chill touch me. Thinking it was just the Weather because it was about 20 degrees and lightly snowing i push on thru. After my meeting i push the elevator and as i wait for it to come i see this Nurse and a little girl waiting right next to me the girl could not be any younger around 8 or 10 years old with out of date clothing you know something you see in the 1940s and the nurse was wearing wearing something also something from the 1940s to 1950ish out fit and i ask the young lady how is she doing today but the girl just didn't pay me any mind she just keep playing with her doll.so then i ask the Nurse how was her day going she looked at me with a Ruby smile and say its going good.So we all get on and she pushed a button and then I pushed a button mind you it still felt cold just like outside.As I made it to the floor. I to hear the young girl said bye Mr and as i was about to turn around and say bye there was no one there. Starting to get scared  at that time I didn't believe in Ghost  till that night when i was about to go home.But that does not end there as i walked outside the lady who is say on the elevator was waiting at the bus stop  sitting there. I see her ruby lips cruel into that pretty smile i saw and waved when I blinked and  she was gone.the bus came and I rush home  and did some research.

 it is a 600+ bed hospital located in south suburban  . It specializes in long-term care, ventilator care, chronic disease and rehabilitation services.[1] It is part of the Cook County Bureau of Health Services, which also includes the more prominent and newer John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County.

Until recently, uninsured patients from other hospitals in Cook County requiring sub-acute, chronic, long term, ventilator care, or rehabilitation were sent to Hospital as an alternative to remaining in acute hospitals such as John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County or Provident Hospital - Chicago or going to nursing homes.

Many services and facilities at the Hospital have been cut or closed down recently, including long term care units, some rehabilitation services, and conveniences such as the hospital's cafeteria. As a result, patients who lived in the long term care units were placed to lower-quality nursing facilities.

First Facility In Cook County[edit]

The Chicago State Hospital was the only large-scale facility available in Cook County, Illinois to address a variety of longer term health-related needs of the poor when its doors opened in 1854. Early on the facility, located in Dunning, became known in conversation as the Dunning Insane Asylum or simply "Dunning", most likely referenced this way due to the name of the train station near the facility.[2]

Although the facility began as a poor farm or almshouse, eventually it began to accept people considered to be mentally ill in some fashion, as well as other biological-based diseases.[2]

The Infirmary was eventually referenced in 1911 County meeting minutes as the Cook County Poor Farm or the Poor Farm at  Illinois.[5]

Other known identities are The Cook County Almshouse, Cook County Poorhouse, Cook County Infirmary, Cook County Old-Age Home, and  Tuberculosis Hospital.[6]

Despite its adoption of  in its name over the decades, the property has always resided outside of the city's jurisdiction and never was annexed to the , Illinois.

St. Gabriel`s is the burial ground for 7,312 Catholics, most of whom were destitute or declared mentally ill and abandoned by their families to die in county homes early in the century. Despite the graves` lack of markers or gravestones, cemetery officials said they can pinpoint the plots of the people buried there since it was opened

what ever you do just be careful at night and do not poke the Ghost
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Sounds like a creepypasta man, but im not suprised at all about what your seeing. 
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