This is a recent story that happened to my father, a few years ago I was sitting in the car to go to his home for the weekend. he told me memory he had as a child here it goes. so before we lived in texas my dad's side of the family moved quite a bit. from alaska to georgia where this story happens. he is young and the family had gone to sleep, he awoke and in the dark house tripped and fell suffering a concussion.

he blacked out. then a indetermined amount of time passes, for he could have been at the bottom of the stairs for hours laying there while the whole family was asleep.

he awoke from the bottom of the stairs he says he felt like someone was shaking him awake, but when he awoke nobody was there to have grabbed his arm. so long story short 36 years pass and the world has gone to hell for my dad he lived in an apartment. and he would see me and my brother (who was part of another family), and my dad was asleep in the apartment. he had a very weird dream. he says he was driving a car, it was before the sun rose up and he drove to his old house in georgia.

Then he got out of his car, checked his watch and walked into his old living room, no lights were on. from the bottom of the stairs he saw a kid alseep at the bottom. spraled out at the bottom of the stairwell.

my dad went to shake him awake. my dad he woke up, 36 years later. 
I sat in the car a freshman confused and creeped out. i dont know what happened to him as a kid. but my dad probably rationalized getting grabbed by the arm and had to dream about it 36 years later just to comfort in the thought that it was him that shook him awake, we can only trust ourselfs whether or not your a spirit gaurdian angel 36 years later 😉
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