My name is Riley I live in that same small town as Brett, the writer of the original demon at lake park. He and I are actually cousins he’s a year older than me and we’ve been friends since we were both small. We’ve both always been mesmerized by the paranormal ghost hunting, camping in the deepest darkest woods we could find, and listening and telling scary stories. 

     After He told his encounter at the park I was so excited exclaiming that we need to go investigate. Other than some strange noises and a feeling of unease we found nothing credible. We’ve gone out there periodically for months and it never truly showed itself since his experience; and I have never even truly seen it. So I believed him, but I also thought that maybe they all were exaggerating a small bit. I no longer think that. 

     My experience happened just a few days ago. On March 14th I had just turned 17 four days before that and I was spending my nights riding around with close friends. Tommy from the original encounter was with me that night along with another named Jared. We had been riding around for hours at this point and somewhat avoiding the park upon Tommy’s request for family reasons. After some negotiating he finally agreed but said that he wouldn’t look. Tommy was in the front and Jared was in the back of my blue Chevy and we headed out to the park. 

     Jared was more of a skeptic than me and Tommy and paid no attention. With the music playing and me and Tommy in conversation we made our way down that dark road. Finally we see the light piles through the trees which prompted Tommy to put up his hood and look at his phone. I simply grinned and rolled my eyes at him as we slowly drove by the park. I rolled down my window and put my truck in park. Waiting to see if anything would happen. 

     We sat there for 5 or so minutes I was the only one paying attention I started to put my truck into drive when I took another look and froze. There sticking out from behind a tall tree was an unusually tall shadow. Slightly illuminated by the light pole. I stared at this thing for a good 30 seconds before I saw it shift or something looking as if it was going to start moving towards me. I slammed on my gas screaming, ”To hell with that.” Flooring it to the lake that was just over the hill. 

     I sat there in the parking lot of the lake attempting to catch my breath. When Tommy said, “You saw it didn’t you? That’s the first time you’ve seen it. Man I don’t wanna sit here if you did we’re way too close to that park.” 

     He was right we were maybe 300 yards from the park the only problem was to get back to town we had to drive right back by the park. 

     “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” I said to him. 

     I took a deep breath and prepared to drive by it. Tommy has already put his head down and Jared had AirPods in and paid zero attention to what was going on. As we made our way down that hill the park came into view and my heart sank. There standing in the middle of the light was the figure. I had a good view of it now. It looked tall before but now I could tell that it was at least 8 feet tall with disturbingly long arms, but the most horrifying thing was it’s eyes. Deep endless pools of red. Staring right at me. 

     I heard no voices or screams I simply yelled. “Son of a bitch!” And flew down that old road that was full of potholes. 

     I didn’t slow down until we reached a stop sign. I stayed stopped trying to catch my breath again. I told Tommy and Jared that I was ready to go home. They agreed and said that if I needed them to let them know. It was a short drive to everyone’s houses and I finally headed for my house. When I got in it was around 11:30 no one was awake so I simply walked to my room, said a quick prayer, and attempted to fall asleep. 

     After a few hours of jumping and every little sound and tossing and turning all night I finally fell asleep. When I awoke the next morning I felt a strong burning sensation on my left thigh. I quickly rushed to my bathroom to see what it was and nearly threw up in terror. On my thigh there were 3 paper thin scratches, I saw scratches but the felt and looked like someone had taken a knife to my leg. For lack of a better word I was terrified. Wondering to myself if that thing had followed me.

     Nothing has happened since then and I have only drove by that park once. I plan to go back and see if I can get any kind of hard evidence but it’s gonna take a little bit to work up that courage. I’ll keep you posted.

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Joshua Lino ZiCo

Paragraph 1: Ghost hunting is a bad idea. 
This demon is what is referred to as a Nephilim Ghost or Shadow Spirit. Often very big, in life they were half human, half angel and often took after their demonic paternal side of the family and they stay on earth instead of going to Hell, so they can get revenge on God for destroying them, by pestering and attacking humanity until the end times when they will be forced to go to Hell. Those paper thin scratches you see are a mocking of the Holy Trinity. Stay clear of that place. It was most likely summoned by a satanist using a ritual, which means a pentagram was drawn there, and if the pentagram has since faded, it means the demon is stuck there and even the chance of a priest being able to help is slim.


Love is the most amazing thing in the universe. It has the power to create, build, bond, and destroy everything around it in the snap of a finger. 
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