My name is Sam and I have a small collection of stories of what has happened to me throughout my life. I'm from England in the UK and both my Mother and my Father's side of the family have had encounters with spirits as well as demons.

I live near Cannock chase, which is famous for the black eyed children. However, I have never encountered such things. I have small, minor experiences in that place which has often kept me up at night.

The first thing I can remember what has happened to me was the heavy sense of being watched while walking through the wooded area of the Chase, mostly when I had walks with my friend who I will call Sera for privacy reasons. Now I've had this feeling constantly whenever I go for walks in the Chase, but there was one occasion where we were up in the Moore and Sera had stopped walking and facing the opposite direction to me.

I turned back to her when I noticed she had stopped walking along with me, she was staring off at the hilly wooded area of the Chase from where we had come from. I was confused at first, wondering what the hell she was doing but then I walked over and asked what was up. She pointed out a clearing on one of the hills, trying to focus on what was in it.

I began to look in the direction she was, and I noticed the whole of the clearing had a somewhat fuzzy black blob in the middle of it. When I began to focus more at it, I began to notice that it didn't quite fit the surroundings that it was in. To me, it seemed a clear almost static movement while the area around it was blurry as it would be with the distance we were from the hill in question.

Now I would of just crossed it off as deer resting together as this was around August time last year and deer are very common in Cannock Chase, but something about this weird mass scared me. It didn't fit, it was like if you copied a picture of someone onto a slightly low quality photo on photoshop without editing it in. I don't know what that black blob was and I still don't to this day, but I know for sure that it wasn't something I'd like to ever see again.

Later that day when me and Sera got the information centre a few miles away from where we saw the mass, I tried to talk to her about it. She simply said she didn't want to think about it and changed the topic.

Other than that, I've had a few things happen to me personally in various locations. In my old house when I was about 8, I couldn't sleep one night with a horrible feeling of being watched. Now this memory is slightly fuzzy for me as I've tried to block it out of my mind countless times, but I can always just remember being on the top bunk of my bunk bed and there was a shadow figure staring right at me at the ladders to my bed. Nothing really happened that night, other than not being able to produce any forms of words or even move.

Now I know this sounds a lot like sleep paralysis, and I do believe it was that myself but there's just something about this memory that creeps me out to this day, I was never asleep to begin with and it felt like a being was stopping me from sleeping. Nothing like this has ever happened to me since, as about a year later my Nan died and we moved into her old house which is my parents current house, and I'm currently staying here for the winter break before I head back to my house for University.

The last thing I want to talk about is the small things I've heard and seen in the house my parents currently live in. Of course, there's never been anything bad but they are completely paranormal.

It's all just little things like hearing random noises at night, my dog blankly staring at random places of my room or the living room when me or my parents can't hear anything else. Then there was one time when I had a day off from school and I had woken up earlier than usual, I began to hear things. At first it was just knocking, some from my neighbour who was at the time doing works to his house and our houses are joined together, but then I heard someone running across the landing which caused me to freak out. No body was home at this time, and my dog was in my room so it couldn't of been that. I laughed it off and opened my door, no one was there which sent chills down my spine so I quickly turned on the landing light and went back into my room to go back to sleep shortly after.

My Mother has also had an experience here which creeps me out, she didn't want to tell me this at first in case it scared me but I managed to get her to talk. She said how that night she randomly awoke facing the wall away from my Father to see the face of a young boy, just the face, grin at her before disappearing. She instantly woke my Father up and told him about it before trying to go back to sleep.

That's all I want to talk about for now as I feel this is quite lengthy already. I wish I had a few more encounters in Cannock Chase as it's a well-known paranormal hotspot in the UK and a few YouTube channels have covered it before. I just hope nothing worse happens to me in the future, and I'm grateful my own encounters have been small.
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