Let me start out by saying that I am a perfectly sane 27 year old. I live in Ohio, near a wooded area, in a large cabin style house.
It was the week that I was supposed to house-sit for my Grandma. She was leaving for New York with my Mom and Aunt for vacation, so I was expected to watch the house. I drove into my Grandma's driveway just as she was loading her car. My Mom, Aunt, and Grandma all have me a hug goodbye, and drove off.
I watched their car disappear, then pulled my suitcase into the house and made myself comfortable.
The house was almost entirely surrounded by forest, so I was provided with a beautiful view. I spent the day outside reading, and sitting in my Grandma's hot tub. But when night fell, I began to get a bit nervous. I had never liked being home alone at night, especially in the middle of the woods. So I went straight to bed, not wanting to be awake longer than I had to.
I was woken up by a rustling sound from the front door, I sat up for a moment, then decided it was nothing, and went to sleep. The next morning, I stepped outside with a cup of coffee, and noticed a yellow stained piece of paper on the porch. I picked it up, and stared at it. There was a rough black drawing of a little girl holding a teddy bear, and in front of her was a huge thin man, if you could call it a man. It was dreadfully out of proportion, with a tall bald head, no nose or ears but a toothy grin that extended to the sides of it's head. It had huge eyes. The creature kneeled in of her holding out a flower to her with one hand, and with the other he reached over to the top of her head, ready to grab. And then I saw the signature plaid shirt, and jeans.
I have been reading Darkness Prevails stories for over a year, and know plenty of their cryptic characters. I knew I was looking at a drawing of the Bubbajax. I quickly crumpled the paper up, and burned it in the fireplace. I then called my Grandma, and asked her if she had ever had any trouble with pranksters. When answered no, but she mentioned finding the stuffing from a stuffed animal around her house once. Of course she just thought it was a litterbug, and managed to convince me of the same. That night I slept with the lights on, and every noise made me jump. At one point, I was woken by some noise, but by the time I was fully aware, it had stopped. I peered out my window, and saw a figure standing in the backyard. It was small, about the height of an 8 year old kid. She wore a yellow rain jacked that was much too big for her, and held a withered teddy bear. I was freaking out at that point, but then realized that the girl could be lost, and that I should see if she needed help. But something was telling me not to go outside.
I went out anyways. I threw on my rain boots and stepped out onto the porch. I called out to the girl, but got no response. Scared, I called out loudly. When I got no reply, I shouted even louder. The girl started crying, and my human instincts told me to go comfort her, so I stepped out a bit farther. I ventured off the porch, constantly looking around. I spoke softly to the little girl, asking her her name and what she was doing out in the woods. I didn't like being that far from the house, but I was concerned about the kid.
She looked up at me once I was only a few feet away, her eyes were red from crying. She looked at me for a few more seconds, then reached into a hole in her teddy bear, and pulled out a crumpled yellow paper. She held it out, and I took and uncrumpled it, and looked at the crude black drawing. It showed a front view of me, looking down at the paper, and behind me was the house. Nothing looked strange at first, but then I noticed the figure behind me, standing on top of the house, looking down at me.
I turned around in real life, and saw that there was indeed a figure standing on the roof. He was tall and thin, but with broad shoulders, and wore a red and black plaid shirt. It's disfigured head tilted, and it's jagged mouth stretched into an excited grin. It's huge white eyes glowed and shimmered.
I was too scared to move, so I just tell back into the grass, a dull lump forming in my throat. I stared up at the Bubbajax, and it stared down at me. It didn't move, and neither did I.
And then in one graceful move it climbed down the side of the house, and landed not 15 feet away from me. It slowly walked up to me, and I sat up, trying to scoot away, but in my fear I was paralyzed. It simply knelt before me, resting one hand on its knee, and with the other it held out a silver rose bud.
I looked at the flower, and found myself unable to look away, something about it was so inviting. I felt like that flower held everything I wanted most. It seemed like it was specifically made for me, it held all of my greatest desires. I became aware of its other hand slowly reaching over to the top of my head.
I knew I had to move, but the flower had captivated me, I couldn't look away or move. But then I noticed that my mouth was moving, it was opening and closing out of my fear, but I knew I could still control it. So I blew as hard as I could, and the flower in its hand fell to the ground.
It jumped up, no longer paralyzed, but was held in place by the hand of the Bubbajax, I struggled. The monster brought it's face near mine, then brought up its other hand, and placed its palm firmly into my forehead. And then it let go.
As soon as I was free, I bolted for the house. I ran inside and shut and locked the doors, I looked out the peephole, and saw the creature staring at me, holding both its palms up for me to see, a symbol was carved into the flesh of each hand.
I ran into the bathroom and locked the door. I looked at myself in the mirror, and saw that the same symbol was pressed on my forehead. I never saw the Bubbajax again.
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