I should start off by saying I am native on my Moms’ side. I went down to the reserve with my Mom because my family owns some property and a cabin so we were going to stay a couple nights there.

The first night was fine I played in the river and caught frogs. But on the second day things started to happen. Before I went to bed one night, I remember seeing bright yellow eyes in the woods.

I shrugged it off thinking it was just a raccoon  but I would soon learn how wrong I was. Later that night when I went to sleep I heard a screeching sound like somebody or something yelling or screaming and when I looked outside I saw something.

I could tell that it saw me because I saw my face reflecting off of its deep yellow eyes. It almost looked like a deer but it had teeth like a wolf and it was standing 6 feet off the ground and had a body like a man but really skinny  and malnourished.

The scariest thing about it is that If I didn’t hear it scream no one would know it was out there

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