My doctor that i see once a month moved his office that was about 45 minutes away to 4 hours away.  I've been fighting opiate addiction for about 15 yrs now.  The doctor prescribes me a medicine that takes away the need for opiates.  Basically i just traded an illegal addiction for a legal one. But that's neither here nor there. On with the story.
     About 2 hrs into the trip and none of the signs were on my route.  The GPS my father had given me was basically flipping me off and my cell had about 12% battery left.
     I was isupposed to be on the Seney stretch in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on my way to Marquette. Finally I came across a little building that had only one car in the back.  It turned out to be a little mom and pop store.  I had to laugh because it's name literally was Store. 
     I should probably mention that this happened in January 2018.  For those unfamiliar with Michigan winter weather, our snow is measured in feet, not inches and it rarely gets above 15° Fahrenheit.   
     The store was framed on both sides and the back by miles and miles of pine and birch trees.  I got out of my car and went inside. 
     It was your typical roadside, out of the way store.  7 sections of the cooler held beer. 1 section had soda, juice, milk, a carton of eggs and a package of balogna.  Behind the counter stood a man around 88-90 yrs old wearing a stained pair of overalls and a reddish black flannel shirt.
     "Sir can you tell me how to get to Marquettte from here, " I asked.
      "Well, you're on US2 near Indian Lake, " he replied. "Keep goin' west about 20 miles or so until you see 41 north.  Take that for about 90 minutes and you'll hit Marquette.". I thanked him and headed back to my car.
     I'm just about to climb in when I hear sounds coming from the woods.  It was about dinnertime and starting to get dark. I looked in the car for a flashlight.  None.  Suddenly, the lightbulb in my brain popped. I went to Google store and downloaded a night vision app.  "NINE NINETY-NINE??" I thought.  Wtf??  Oh well.  It'll be worth it if I get some pics.
     I stood still for a minute to acclimate my eyes to the darkness then began to creep forward very slowly.  I turned my new app on and began to scan thru the trees.  But, the closer I got, the more I thought, "These aren't people."  I heard breathing.  Heavy breathing.  VERY heavy breathing .Their sounds were very guttural, primal. 
      Something suddenly crashed into my mind that made my stomach spasm.  I have absolutely no protection from whatever this is.  A trillion things ran thru my brain.  Then  I figured that I'm almost 50.  I've had a pretty great and interesting run.  I just hope I can send the pics before I get eaten or disemboweled or whatever they might do to me.
     I snuck into the forest about 30 yards when this form begin to take shape.  This app was amazing. It was like it was daytime.  I crouched down and crept in like a sniper.  Soundless.  I zoomed in with my new app to it's maximum.  What I saw stunned me and made my adrenline rush rapidly thru my system.
     I'm guessing about 20 or so yards in front of me were 2....animal....human....im going to say hybrids.  There was one on all fours. The female.  I'd say she was about 6 feet tall and weighed about 200 pounds. She had an amazing coat.  Bluish silver.  The fur was long and shaggy.  Human breasts hung downward.  Her back arched.  A look of carnal pleasure was etched on her perfectly blended wolf/human face.  Tiny jet black snout and a mouth full of dagger-like teeth. Her back legs resembled a wolf's but her front one's were human, except for the fur and long claws.
     The male stood directly behind her. 7 and a half feet tall and quite possibly 450 pounds. Maybe more   Blacker than black fur just as long and shaggy as the female's.  His features were more wolflike than hers.  Thickly muscled. I mean, if the Hulk was a wolf, this would be him.  Rear and front legs were like a wolf's except for his front paws, which resembled a human's and were clamped onto her haunches.  
     They were, to put it delicately,  mating.  I was in awe.  This was the most beautiful image i had ever seen.  At first, they were acting playfully.  He would gently nibble along her back. It was clear that their love was pure and whole.
     After a few minutes of that, it became drastically more intense. He bit down hard on her right shoulder, causing her to howl with pleasure. He released the bite, all the while steadily increasing his rhythm. It was clear that his actions would've killed a mortal human. Both were screaming, crying, howling. Much like the Jurassic park T-rex, only more loud and carnal.  
     I took about 50 pics but only sent one to my email. To this day I don't know why I only sent one.  
     After what seemed like an eternity, it was evident that the male was about to "conclude business." I closed my eyes as he raised his head to the sky. The sounds that came out of his mouth were as loud as a rock concert. I thought my ears were damaged.   
     When I opened my eyes, the two creatures were spooning. He was lying behind her, stroking 
 her fur. I think that they were purring. I'm not sure. Complete contentment was painted on their faces. Then after a few minutes they got up and started feeding on what looked like a deer. Their teeth shredding the carcass as blood covered their faces. I took a few more pics of this new carnage. The pair concluded their meal and began to walk deeper into the forest.
     I had felt that I had better get while the getting is good. I slowly turned around and began to inch my way back to my car. Then suddenly, my knee landed on a twig and it sounded like a gunshot. My head whipped around, hoping the beasts were far enough away to ignore it. They weren't. All of our eyes met. I felt the color drain from my face when I noticed that they were smiling. It wasn't a friendly smile either. It was a "you look tasty" smile. 
     I started to run to my car, which seemed like it was 1000 miles away. My entire being was demanding I look back to see where they were but I managed to fight that urge. My heart was beating so hard it was all I could hear. Dum dum. Dum dum. Dum dum. About 15 feet from my car, I grabbed my keys. In one movement, I opened the passenger side door, jumped in and slammed the door shut. I turned my head to look outside. There was nothing. Nothing but trees and darkness. Did I imagine seeing them? Did someone slip me something without me knowing? Impossible.
     Then it happened. A soft bump bump came from outside. It sounded like something was rapping lightly against the car. I put my phone in selfie mode and pointed it outside and downward. I found out where they went to. They were sniffing all along the bottom of the car and the tires. 
     My entire being was screaming, "GET!! LEAVE!! NOW!!", but my body was frozen. For some reason I thought if I remained perfectly still they won't see me. Completely idiotic.  
     All of a sudden, 2 faces appeared in the window. They were still smiling at me. The male took his claw and tapped the window near the passenger door lock as if to say that I had forgot to lock the doors.  
     Now on my side there was tapping coming from my side. I peek over and on my peripheral I could see the female. She wasn't smiling. She looked downright pissed. I look back to the passenger side. The male had vanished. My eyes quickly jolt back to the driver side window. Also empty. Maybe they became tired of me and went back into finish the scraps of deer they had left.
     Adter a few tries, my shaking hand put the key in the ignition. I'm just about to turn the key when a giant SLAM came from the roof. A moment later, a second SLAM in the roof. There's so much weight on it, it begins to cave in. This is what a mouse feels like just before the car rips it to shreds. I just know they're going to RIP thru the roof, pluck me out of the seat and save me for breakfast.  
     All their movement stops. I'm just beginning to breathe again when they both howl so loudly, my windshield cracks.   
     Nope. I'm gone. I start the car and floor it the ferk out of there. I drove at top speed all the way back home. I figured I'll call my doctor in the morning. 
     I stopped at a gas station when I got back to my town. I sat there. Shaking. Stammering. Trying to wrap my mind around what just happened to me. I want to see a cryptid, I said. It'll be fun, I staid.    
     I cracked my window just enough to slide my phone out to take a pic of the roof, silently praying that they were gone. I snapped a pic and looked. Nothing was there....except for dozens of punctures made by their claws.
     Phone signing off....
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Do you still have any of these werewolf pictures?
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