This happened during my first semester of grade 9, about 3 years ago now,  back when my mental health was at the lowest of the low.

I guess a little backstory is needed to really understand why this event scared me as much as it did. Now I'll admit that I dealt with pretty bad visual and auditory hallucinations when I first started high school, so bad that I almost completely missed the first semester, and sometimes I still do. But one night in early November had me questioning whether the stuff I was seeing was really just figments of my imagination. 

I had had my friend N over and it was pretty late at night when my mom told me to walk her home, seeing as she only lived down the street. I got my dog ready for the walk since it was pretty dark out and I didn't want to make the walk back to my house from hers alone, then we left. At the end of my block, N told me that she forgot something of hers in my house, and that she was going to run back for it really quick. I sat on the sidewalk with my dog and watched as she jogged back to my house. 

That's when I caught sight of, it. It looked exactly like one of my regular hallucinations, a thin, pale creature that I named Steve in an attempt to make it seem less scary to me. There were differences, looking back on it now, between what I usually saw and this new thing. Steve gave off curious vibes, like it just wanted to sit and observe rather then attempt to cause me any harm. While this new thing felt like it was just, stalking me, waiting for me to shift my attention elsewhere so it could move closer. I honestly didn't pay much attention to this new thing, until my dog, Leo, started growling in its direction. The creature started moving towards me then, climbing down from its perch on a nearby tree and making its way over to where I sat on the sidewalk. The way it moved was just so, disturbing, like its joints were all wrong and that even just shifting caused it physical pain. Leo stopped growling immediately, and attempted to hide in my lap.  The creature stopped right in front of me and sat down as well, we observed each other for what felt like hours. It was pale and thin, malnourished even, with deep dark pits where its eyes would be and a large mouth full of sharp teeth. It sat so close I could have probably reached out and touched it.

The creature spooked when N opened the door and shouted down the road at me. It almost seemed to just, disappear. I told N about it when she caught up to me,  she talked me down from panic and had me convinced it was a side effect of how stressed I was, but I just couldn't get over the reaction my dog had to that thing. Almost as if it was actually there, sitting across from me on that empty sidewalk...
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