Before I begin, I want to give some background. Most of my relationships have been long distance, as nobody that lives close to me seems to like me. I dated this girl, we'll call her Emma. Emma and I dated for about 4 months and I can't exactly remember why we broke up but she cyberstalked me for a whole YEAR after we broke up. I finally remembered something. She had my Snapchat and she drove from Las Vegas NV to Sacramento CA to... see me. I had no idea. Emma ended up coming to my house at 2:14 AM and tapping at my window. The tapping went on for a few minutes until it suddenly stopped. I sighed, relieved. I assumed the stranger had left. Boy, was I wrong. I heard some strange noises at my front door and my dog started barking. I slowly got up and crept outside my room, leaving the door open behind me. I tiptoed down the stairs but stopped halfway. I could see the front door from the halfway point of the stairs. I saw Emma shoving herself through the doggy door. She was quite small so I wasn't surprised she could fit through. Once she saw me she smiled the widest I've ever seen her smile, huffing "Oh, hey babe. It's been a while hasn't it?"
I was horrified. Keep in mind I had a new girlfriend at this point, again, long distance. She couldn't drive down here either because she's in another country. I panicked and ran up stairs, waking my mom up from the noise. She stepped outside her room, confused. She looked at me and muttered in a groggy voice, "The hell are you doing up? It's almost 3 in the damn morning. Go to bed, anon."
Emma was coming up the stairs at this point and knowing she'd been institutionalised in the past I was afraid of what she could do, so I shoved my mom back into her room, coming in after her and closing the door and locking it. In a panicked whisper, I stuttered "Mom- My ex is in the damn house. The crazy one. Call the cops."
Her eyes widened and she rushed to her cellphone and called 911. Emma was banging on the door at this point and screaming explicits. I then saw a knife stab through the door inches from my face, as I'd been holding the door shut. She continued banging at the door like a madman and then it suddenly stopped. I waited a bit and peered through the hole she'd stabbed in the door. She was.. gone? Our floorboards were very creaky so I would've heard her walk away. I opened the door slowly and peeked out, looking around. Silence. Absolute silence. I then heard her charging at me from the end of the hallway so I slammed the door, locking it again. I heard sirens in the distance and Emma must've heard them too, because I heard her whisper, "Shit." and running downstairs. My mom ran up to me sort of hiding behind me. I brought us both into the closet. Once the police got here, they asked us a few questions and went out to look for Emma after I gave her description. For the next few hours my mom and I sat anxiously, waiting for an update. The cops had finally informed us they had found her and she went to jail. So, Emma. Let's not meet again.
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