okay, i don't know how to say this but i had a weird dream. i am surprised i still remember it to this day.

i'm 23 years old but when i was at least maybe 6 or 7 i couldn't remember the age well but it was when i was really young.

i used to lived in England with my family and truly it was fine, minus the bullying and so on. my dad was in the army at that time and i rarely saw him now and then.

anyway it was nighttime and i was heading to bed. i couldn't remember what i was doing before then.....but i do remember the dream. that weird dream.

i was in my old elematery school cafeteria. but it was dark out, like nighttime dark. there was no one in sight and i was alone. then i got on a table to look more but saw nothing.

then i noticed the huge cafeteria doors open and what i saw came through shocked me. it was a dog. but not a normal dog. it was big, very big and had black furr. i only saw its shape in the dark as it growled and charges at me.

i jumped from table to table. yet that whole time, i didn't feel scared. then it tackled me and i saw its eyes. its glowing solid red eyes as i fell into darkness as i woke up in cold sweat.

i didn't really know what to make it truely. i thought maybe my mind was playing tricks on me. but i carried out my day as normal, rode my bike in my old neighborhood.

my neighborhood had some houses connected to each other and it had a huge forest or woods where i normally had went to a few times.

i remembered riding my bike and it was bright outside and the weather felt truly nice. i stopped for a moment. i didn't had a phone so my mom made me and my brother and sister carry walkie talkies with us so we could stay into contact.

i was about to get back to riding my bike when i had heard movement by me. being curious when i was a child, i looked over and i was shocked.

there about a good couple feet away, was a black dog. but it looked different. like i've seen it before. i watched the dog as it was watching me. then it slowly walked over to me. i didn't move i just watched this huge dog walking over to me. it stopped about maybe 10 feet in front of me. but then it turned and ran off into the woods.

i didn't tell anyone about my dream or about that weird dog i saw. maybe it was a neighber's dog that got loosed. fast foward, we moved to USA where after a while, my dad left the army so we could spend more time with us.

after a few years when i was 13, i was watching a old show called Lost Tapes on animal planet when it used to be popular at the time. then i watched a episode about hellhounds.

i never knew what a hellhound was until i had looked it up more. i looked shocked, seeing the images and remembering that dream i had as a child and the dog i saw.

i don't really know if what i saw was a hellhound or just a neighber's dog loosed. but all i know is it looked very similiar in a way i couldn't explain.

then when i was 18, in 2014, marks the saddest year of my life where my mom had passed away. i was so heartbroken as was my family. i laid in my bed, very depressed. i couldn't go to school for a few days for how upset i was. so upset that at times, i had to force myself to eat so i didn't starved myself and rid my brain of any sucide thoughts plaguing my mind everyday.

as i was laying there, my eyes closed, on my bed, listening to a thunderstorm. out of nowhere, i saw a image of a black dog flash in my head as it got me thinking about hellhounds. i pulled out my laptop and looked more into it. it said if you saw it 3 times you die. but i only saw it was in my dream. but i thought about that dog i saw riding my bike. i couldn't think more as i closed my laptop and cried, missing my mom.

now i'm 23 and doing good for now, despite this whole virus madness,

i am truly still surprised i can remember all of this, the hellhound, my childhood, all of that. i miss my mom deeply but hopefully she's in heaven.

but every once in a while, i always wondered about that dog. what was that black dog in my dream and did i really encountered a hellhound that day? some things will sadly remain un answered.....
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