My brother and I got along all the time. We played, fought and did normal sibling things together. Above all, we were always there with each other. Sadly he passed when he was 20 years old due to some health issues, 3 days after Christmas when I was 11.

I took his passing really bad but pretending at the same time I was doing just fine for my parent's sake.

We were praying for his soul to go to rest for 7 nights in a row. The night of December 31st I remember that I needed to use the restroom so as soon as my mom parked the car I told "Mom, can I have the keys? I really need to go pee?" and she nodded while tossing me the key. At that moment in time, we lived in an apartment complex near downtown Los Angeles.

So I ran faster than I ever did in my life, I ran to the flight of stairs leading to our apartment, unlocked the door, ran up the stairs and jammed the keys in the lock to unlock the apartment and as I was closing the now unlocked door right behind me I felt that the room's atmosphere felt different.

I felt the cliche feeling of being watched while my hands were starting to go cold with the new and strange icy atmosphere. (Note: the apartment complex we lived in was old so there was no ac in there and the place was always hot) with My body now starting to get covered in goosebumps I turned around towards the gaze I felt and there he was not 3 feet away from me laying on the floor. There he was not 3 feet away from me lying on the floor while reaching out towards me.

The second I saw him I froze but somehow managed to control my urge to piss my pants. My brother was there looking at me straight in the eye and was giving me his hand and said in the clearest voice I've ever heard from him "Sister please come with me."

Just so you know my brother was born with an extra tooth underneath his tongue and my mother had the doctor remove it when it was safe enough to do so.  He couldn't talk right due to the mouth healing itself by sticking the bottom of the tongue and the section were the tooth was together.

As he said that My body and mind registered after about 3 seconds what he said and I frowned while telling him "No" He reached more towards me making it seemed like I didn't have a choice so I screamed, grabbed the keys and ran back outside to my mom with tears in my eyes.

I explained everything to her and she sighed in relief and patted my head while telling me "Sometimes demons disguise themselves as those we love even after they are dead. If you would have gone to it, it would have taken your hand, shown you it's true form and taken you with him."

Lucky me that I didn't fall for its false tricks or I wouldn't be typing this right now.
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