Hi,my name is Emily.I am 16 in the 10th grade.My brother was an unusual kid but that night was a terror I will never forget in a day of my life.

It all started in december 2nd,I was helping out with my mom setting up the christmas tree as I felt a moment of glee and happiness.My brother didn't help at all instead he yelled that he was going to hang out with some friends at around 5pm.Given my brother's age my mom let him do whatever shinanagins he felt like.As cold raindrops turned to snow hit the window frame there was an emergency broadcast on the tv warning us that a mysterious killer is on the loose.My mom frantically picked up her phone yelling at my brother to get home as soon as possible.He obeyed quickly taking an uber back home.I forgot to note that my mom was making meatloaf for dinner tonight so she figured that my brother would hurry in a rush.The next morning I woke up to an ear shattering scream from my mom as she yelled"the meatloaf"!!!!!I hurried to my mom ushering her to calm down.

Just then another broadcast came on that the body of one of my brother's friends named Jeremy was found near the park I ran to my brother's room but he was gone,my mom said she got a text message from him saying that he was going to hang out again.My mom begged for him to come back home but he brushed it off saying that there probally is no killer.

For the rest of the evening my brother never showed up until the next morning where he took a shower than left again.Things weren't right why would he go outside when there is clearly a killer up and about.So this time I asked my mom for the car keys and followed him around.For the majority of the day he was inactive until night came,i saw him make a b line into the park so I put the car in park and followed what I saw was bone chilling to the core.I witnessed my brother grow taller with more dominant fur like an animal he than grew a tail with razor sharp teeth and hid behind a bush.I saw as a woman and her husband walked by,I warned them yelling at them to turn around suddenly my brother in his animal like state charged them ripping them into pieces.He spoke to me in an utterly demonic voice.

''It seems that you have found my secret"he exclaimed before lunging at me with full force I dodged at ran back to the car but before I started it up he jumped on the hood and started rattling the car.I floored it stopping abrubtly to see him fly across the street.I sped off not telling my mom about the incident.

Til this day I have seen no trace of my brother or if I can even call him that.The murders have still been going on and i'm not gonna even guess who's causing them.
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