This story is relatively short but I want people to be aware anyways here it is. My brother attends Troy University which is located in Southern Alabama. For those who are not too aware right now sex trafficking is at an all-time high in this area especially around Troy and Auburn. My bother left his apartment to go to class around 2 pm.   His apartment is right around the corner from Troy. As he was walking to class a man approached him and said " Hey do you have any friends that want to attend bible study" as he said this he proceeds to give my brother a business card with a name and number. My brother God Bless him says "No I'm Catholic" and throws the card back at the guy and walks away creeped out. Literally 5 minutes later he gets a notification on his phone about this guy and how he is luring girls into sex trafficking. I honest to god have no idea why this guy approached my brother I think it is because he has a lot of girls that are friends and this guy could see them coming to and fro my bro's apartment. This story might seem short but please ladies do not join or call any so-called "Clubs" and if someone approaches you out of nowhere walk away. Just go to orientation or wherever colleges show you there clubs. And to men please be cautious of your friends that are girls make sure to walk them out at night to their cars and make sure no one is lurking around your apartment. This stuff can literally happen to anyone.  Sorry, this story is short but people need to know about this.
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Wow that girl willa Story is mystery nice like yours 
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