So this story takes place about 2 years ago during spring break. Me and my best friend Nicki went to her parents condo in Florida for spring break. It probably wasn't the safest thing to begin with considering we were two 18 year old pretty girls hundreds of miles from home all by ourselves, but being young you consider yourself invincible.

Our first night we just got settled in and got used to the place so nothing unusual happened then. The next night though we went to the resort hot tub at around 11 and met some people our age and invited them over to have a small party (bad idea). Anyway the party goes by with the usual college student debauchery and I decide I'm ready to go to bed and leave Nicki to get everyone out. Well at around 6am I wake up to her standing over my bed staring at me.

And it was the kind of staring that was more "watching you sleep" than "trying to wake you up" I started saying her name trying to wake her up or jar her out of whatever trance she was in to no avail. It wasn't till after what felt like hours but was probably just a minute that she turned and slowly walked out of my room across the hall to hers. After I fell back asleep and woke up to daylight I walked outside and assessed the damage only to find the ouija board that I had brought as a joke out on the coffee table and everyone else was gone.

When nicki woke up she had no recollection of the event aside from the fact that the boys found the board and insisted they play. I never saw those boys again even though they were supposedly there for the whole week. I never woke up to nicki watching me either but I started locking my door because the next morning it was open even though I was sure I closed it.
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