On May 19th in 2015 John came home a different man. It was the night that haunts his dreams. He was once a bright, happy, and kind man, but that night changed him.

     John was a forest ranger in Arkansas for 8 years. He's 6' 5" and he never got scared easily. He was a tough, buff guy. On that night I had pulled into his driveway at around 10:30 pm to pay him a surprise visit, since I lived in Louisiana at the time. He hadn't made it home from work yet. I figured he might have had to work later than usual, since he'd said that it happens sometimes. He didn't know I was coming, and I hadn't seen him in 2 years.

     John pulled up about half an hour after me. He parked beside me and shut off the engine. However he didn't get out. I got of my little Ford Ranger and walked to the passenger side to open the door. I opened the door to see a grown man weeping. The smell of alcohol was thick in the air. He had been drinking. "John? What happened?", I asked nervously. He continued to cry. I placed my hand on his shoulder, and he immediately jerked away. "John, it's me, Ryan." I thought he might not have recognized me because I had grown a full Beard in the 2 years we haven't hung out.

     "Come on. Let's go inside.", I told him. He clumsily stumbled out of his truck. I wrapped his arm around my
Shoulders and helped him inside. I sat him on his sofa. "John, what the hell happened?" He didn't respond. He had stopped crying at this point, but he was pale and had a look on his face like he had been to war. I think it's called shell-shocked.

     I repeated myself. He looked at me with tears drying on his cheeks. "Dear  God, Ryan..." He stumbled over to me with shaking legs and gave me a hug. "You have no idea how happy I am to see you.", he whimpered.

     John has been my best friend since grade school, so we grew up always hanging out - mostly wondering around the nearby woods climbing trees, and as we reached our teens we'd often go camping. We had never been scared in the woods. The only strange occurrence was when we found some strange footprints, but that's a story for another time. Anyway, back to the story.

     He let go, grabbed a bottle of whiskey for the freezer, and poured us both a glass. "Don't you think you've drunk enough?", I said as he handed me the glass. John had finally calmed down enough to talk. "So, can you answer my question? What happened, John? I've never seen you this distraught." Like I said, he'd always been a happy-go-lucky guy. He finally spoke.

     "There's some weird crap going on in those damn woods..."
"What do you mean?", I asked worried. "We found a body today...", he replied.  I was puzzled. I know he's found body's before, but he'd never been so upset about it before. "I'm sorry, bro." I was genuinely sorry for him. "Tell me everything."

He downed his glass of whiskey and poured more in it. "There was something eating him.", he said swirling the glass around before he downed his second glass. I was still on my first glass. "Good God, John. You've had enough", I said grabbing the bottle and putting it back in the freezer.

     "Fine..", he groaned. I asked him what was eating the man's body. "I don't know... it was like nothing I've ever seen.", he said. I told him to start at the beginning.

     He spoke. "I was at HQ when we received a missing person call. The woman said she and her husband had been hiking on one of the more remote trails when her husband decided to walk a ways off the trail to take a leak. She waited for 10 minutes for her husband to come back. She yelled for him, but she got no reply. She went into the trees in the direction she saw him go, but she didn't find him. She instead found blood on the ground. That's when she called us. My coworker, Bill and I immediately packed our gear and headed to the location he was last seen. We didn't have to go far. We found his arm about 100 yards off the trail, and the rest of him was about 50 yards further. The sun had already set, but we had out Mag lights. When I found him, there was something else. It was squatting over him, and I could hear the tearing of flesh as it was ripping off chunks of meat and eating it."

     John began to tear up again, but he pulled himself back together. He continued. "I shined my flashlight to get a better look at what it was. I should've just ran. God... I just froze. Bill was just as terrified. We couldn't move. It stood up and turned towards us giving us a full view. It was tall, about 7 feet. It's skin was pale gray and seemed like the skin was painfully stretched over bones. It was so thin... It had a single large pure black eye on the left side of its face. It's mouth opened, and it made this weird, insect-like clicking sound. It didn't have a normal mouth though. It opened up like a blooming flower, like petals filled with rows upon rows of teeth. The mouth vibrated as it made the sound..."

     He paused, grabbed a cigarette from his pack and lit it. He took a long puff and exhaled. His story sounded insane, but the look of pure fear on his face told me otherwise. He was telling the truth. He would sometimes lie to prank me, but those tears were real.

     "Please, continue.", I told him, and he did. "I pulled out my 45 and took aim. My coworker screamed and ran I prayed it would do some damage or at least buy us some time. It then lunged at me, and I fired. It wailed, and I proceeded to empty the clip. However, it still stood. It was bleeding bad, but it acted like it was just a scratch. I ran... I've never been so scared in my life... Jesus Christ... I thought I was gonna die." He took another drag. "My lungs and legs burned. I felt like was gonna pass out. We made it back to HQ, and turned around to see if it followed us, but there was nothing there. We were safe."

     I sat there in disbelief, still holding a mostly full glass of Jack. "My God...", I replied. "It sounds insane. I know, but it was so vivid and real.", John said with trembling hands. "I'm done working the late shift. The police took a statement and Bill quit on the spot. The police said it was probably a hallucination caused the shock of finding a mutilated corpse, but I was adamant that it was real. One of the officers pulled me aside and said quietly so no one else would hear, "If i were you, i'd just forget what you saw. Its better to let us handle it." They know whats out there, but they won't tell us details. I'm terrified to go back into those woods. Screw risking my life for this job. I'm not going out after dark again."
     John finished telling his experience. "I'm going to bed now, and I think you should do the same." John got up, gave me a bro hug and a thank you, and went to his room. I didn't sleep much that night.

     I know this is a long and pretty unbelievable story, but there's something in the forests of Northern Arkansas. Something that doesn't care if you have families or friends. Something that won't hesitate to rip you apart and devour your flesh. Please be careful out there. You won't know what can be out there until it's too late.
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The Supernatural Scribe Tonya Brooks
Darkness needs to read this one in a future video. Every time I read about or hear one of these tales, I think of the chimeras that scientists have been creating. It was headlines a couple of weeks ago of how they are now trying to make simian humans. Plus, they never found the creature that killed the llamas/donkeys in Kentucky nor did they find the creature that killed the teacher in NC. The DNA came back as canine but of unidentifiable origin.

Always Haunted
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Darkness Prevails
@The Supernatural Scribe I'm reading it today! Also, thanks for the link o_O That sounds creepy.
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