I have three stories. One when I was 13, the other when I was 17 and living home alone and the last story occured to my mom, whilst she was home alone in our old house.

Our house was made in the industrial revolution and was attached at both sides to other houses. It was old and it used to creep the hell out of me when I was a kid.

1. One night one of my cousins came over to sleep over. Me and my sister were ecstatic to have someone finally sleepover, who got over the creepiness of the house. We had games and movies planned out for the night. To our horror, mum had decided we would have to do the dishes instead. The way the kitchen was laid out was like a strip with counters on both sides and a window that peeks into the backgarden from the sink. Me and my sister were washing up, whilst innocently staring at our reflections in the glass. When I passed her a bowl to dry, i looked up, having noticed something out of the corner of my eye. My cousin was walking in from the dining room and I could see his reflection on the left, as he walked carefully into the kitchen. After a moment, i looked to the right side of the glass and I noticed a figure. It was just standing there, staring back at me from behind the glass. I stood there like an idiot for about two seconds, unable to process what the thing was. It looked vaguely like my dad, for some reason (fairly short, pretty thin and seemed to be wearing a leather jacket). Watching that humanoid figure stare back at me, I nudged my sister to pay attention. I was unsure what it actually was, bare in mind it was completely pitch black and we had seen all sorts of shadows form on the windows of that kitchen, due to lighting from the streets, and seeing something just standing not moving didnt seem like a cause for concern. Till he turned 90 degrees to the right, revealing a long hooked nose and just walked away. My sister and I screamed running to my mum and thinking we had seen a man outside. My mum chalked it up to us having an avid imagination and asked us, chuckling what it looked like. Me and sister couldn't put it into words, we were that scared. Even our cousin was scared by our reaction, and we didnt speak about till years later.
They sent me to a peer (who's a holy person) and he provided a talisman and a few prayers. Apparently, he had pulled my daf aside and said that what I had experienced was something to be concerned about and that it wasn't my imagination.

2. This is a continuation (about two years after) and is from the perspective of my mum.

It was about midday on a normal weekday. I had just been cooking and slowly dozed off on the sofa. My husband had left a couple of hours before for work. He would occasionally come back for lunch or to relax, during the day (one of the perks of the taxi business). I mention this, because there definitely was no one home at the time and the only one who could have been there, would have been my husband, and even then the heavy front door banging closed would have woken me from my slumber.

I was having restless sleep that day. For some reason i kept sleeping and waking up at random intervals. Open, then close my eyes. Open, then close, open, then close. About the 5th time waking up that afternoon I noticed something dark and featureless staring uncomfortably close to my face. Suprisingly, I felt unnerved but not scared. The figure stared at me attentively and then just walked away. The lack of fear was rationalised by the knowledge that the figure was my husband, checking if I was asleep.
I finally awoke for the final time. Remembering the experience I called out to my husband and heard no response, checking the clock, it was likely he went out to do the school run and would make sense, if he'd come back beforehand for some food. That night I asked him if he had come home and whether he was wearing a leather jacket. He vehemently denied coming home and claimed he had never and would never own a leather jacket. I was confused and then fearful, someone or something was in our house and seemed to prey on us in our times of vulnerability.

After that me and my mum discussed our experiences at length and seemed to find out that the spirit seemed like a younger version of my dad, due to the hooked nose and seemed to be wearing a thick leather jacket on top.

3. This one is unrelated and occured when I was 16 or 17 and living alone. My mum and dad had gone off to pakistan to sort some business out there. I was left home alone, as my sister, decided to live out with a cousin.

I didnt mind having the house to myself, it was summer break and I was enjoying cooking, cleaning, gyming and playing video games whenever I wanted. I don't mean to brag, but i'm a decent cook and it was easier performing chores for oneself than tidying up with a family present. But the main reason why I was so big on keeping myself busy was because, as soon as my family left, there was no sound, no movement and no energy in the house. It was strange, to go from a lively bustling environment to one that was just a void of life. It hit me mentally, and to keep myself sane, i would distract myself with housework and music, which i played constantly. (I mention this, as i dont know how i feel about this event. It could have been the creepy house, the loneliness or me becoming a bit unhinged from the lack of human interaction).

The landing on top of the stairs had a single light and for some reason it would always play up at night. Flickering and turning off randomly. I remember on that night in particular, i thought it really cliche that it wanted to stop working, just to make things creepier in the already creepy and old house that we lived in. And at a time when I was all alone. I walked up the stairs, frightened but attempting a brave face for myself. Each step creaked loudly, as i wasnt attempting to be quiet about it. Once i reached the top my heart was beating slightly faster than usual and i attempted to flip the switch off and then on again. It stayed off. I found this odd, as usually it would die after flickering for a bit. There were 3 bedrooms one to my immediate left (parents) of the landing on to the right (sisters) and a tiny corridor that led to my room. I walked forward in the pitch blackness and thought it odd that my sisters door was wide open, as i had been really paranoid about closing all additional windows and doors i wasnt using. At that moment i did something stupid, i thought about how creepy it would be if a spirit like the one from the grudge grabbed a hold of me in this pitch blackness. I played with the idea a little whilst stood on the landing and chuckled to myself about how absurd it would be, as i was about to pass her bedroom. I felt something grab me and push me back a little i looked down to see another shadow, small and feminine with long black hair. I freaked out, squirming and gasping for breath from the suprise. I reached over to my sisters room struggling to turn on the light to her room. Till i felt the switch, missing it once, and then twice. It felt like an eternity was occuring within the span of seconds, i gasped and tore for the light switch. And turned it on. To find... Nothing. I leaned against the corner pillar that connected my room corridor with the stairs and looked down at where i had seen the spirit/ figment of imagination. Catching my breath i tried to rationalise what had just occured. It must have been a figment of my imagination and the stresses of living in that house alone may have caught me off guard. However, i cant be too sure, due to the fact that members of my family and i had experienced weird occurrences with shadow people in that house. Despite this, i like to believe that this one was just my imagination. Even though i dont look back on these events in fear, it is nice that we moved out of that house.
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