Growing up my family has always had a tendancy to attract paranormal activity. I was young then and didn't really understand what was happening or why. There were always things turning on by themselves, things would constantly be thrown and glasses and dishes would somehow be all over the house in random spots. When I turned the age of 11 I noticed my mother fell to the ground shaking violently and now that I'm older I realized it was the first time I had seen my mother overdose and it wouldn't be the last. She was a pill addict, which is why I believe her habit opened a gateway of paranormal activity into our lives. At the age of 12 I had had enough and decided to move out of my mothers house and started living with my grandparents.

I have three other brothers who stuck it out after I moved. Now, I was only a half mile away from my mothers house, but my brothers would always call and tell me about the creepy stuff that happened during the day and how strange my mother would act. Fast forward about a year later and now I'm a teenager. I decided I would stay at my mothers house as two of my brothers were staying at friends houses for the weekend. That only left my youngest brother who was only eight at the time and I didn't want to leave him by himself. I asked a friend of mine to come over for the night and he happily did as we had plans to play video games all night. That night would be forever seared into my head.

Me, my friend and my brother were playing video games while my mother was in the bathroom cleaning. This is when all hell broke loose. All of a sudden the door slams shut and my mother started screaming!.As I threw my controller down and ran to the door I could hear my mother screaming "LEAVE ME ALONE" as hard as I tried I couldn't open the door. Somehow, being thirteen I kicked the door open and saw my mother in the tub with the shower curtain wrapped around her. As I grabbed her to pull her up "SOMETHING" was forcing her back down. With all of my might and that of my friend we managed to get her out of the tub. As we got the shower curtain unwrapped from her body, her arm had blood running down it. As we cleaned the blood from her arm, we noticed these scratch marks running from the top of her arm down to her elbow. We got my mother cleaned up and she laid down for the night. 

 Fast forward about an hour later. Me, my friend and my brother are watching TV in the living room and we can see my mothers bedroom from where we are sitting. My youngest brother decides to check on my her and as he turns the light on he immediately runs out of the bedroom screaming " MOM'S FREAKING OUT". I rush into my mothers bedroom where I see her spinning around like she is dancing or something. I try to forcibly sit her back on her bed, but as I do she begins trying to bite me and claw at me. I eventually got her sat down and as I do I noticed her body shaking and she just snapped out of whatever it is that was going on. I went to get her a glass of water and when I returned I noticed my mother just sitting there with her head looking at the floor.

I asked, "MOM!!!! ARE YOU OK?", with no response. I asked again, "MOM!!!! ARE YOU OK?".

It was that moment and that response that would be seared into my mind to this day... She looked up at me very slowly, and in a deep, very disturbing voice I heard the words "SHE'LL NEVER BE YOURS".

After that I called my grandparents to come get my brother and sent my friend home. I stayed through the night fighting to stay awake and I did. A few days later my grandparents called their pastor to come say a blessing over the house and no more incidents ever happened. Since that day, I don't watch movies pertaining to demonic possessions. I never want to experience anything like that again.
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You're a brave person and I hope everything goes well in your family.
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