i was 10 years old when this happened.There where trees all trees where i live it was nice and peaceful but eerie at the same time my father was always the adventures type when he died i had to live alone because i had no one with me until this one morning i came in my kitchen and it is really warm here in California but when i got to my bathroom it was freezing in there first i thought there was a vent or something but nothing and than i smelled this disgusting kind of smell out side of my backyard when i checked my window i saw a glimpsed of this women she had long black hair that covered her face and she wore this white dress and there was a male figure walk to the women and stab her i scream out "NO"and went outside to see no one was there but the smell was still there.It smelled like death.Than i felt this Cold spot in the yard i was freezing in that spot i judt shrugged it off and went to take a shower because i was going to the mall to see my friends when i checked all the windows were locked and the basement was locked i was good to go and here is the most chilling thing in the world when i came back i saw EVERYTHING was trashed my clothes where on the floor dishes were shattered and when i looked im my room i saw my full body mirror was smalled and when it fell it made 3 number 6's i was freaked out i could not sleep in that house so i slept in my friends house i will never go back to that house ever again
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