I remember this very well as I will never forget it. This event terrified me, and my best friend. It was a Tuesday on our summer break. Me and my best friend Scott, had decided to go to our church to play Xbox, in the upstairs youth room. We did this because his parents were on the strict side, and we wanted to get away from them. We set the Xbox and the projector up to play Halo reach online.

The part of the church we were in was fairly new, as it was just built, and added onto the church. We started playing around 8 o'clock, and kept playing until midnight. everything was perfectly normal, and fine, up until That time. Me and Scott heard someone walking down the hallway, and we thought it could possibly be the youth leader, since he checks up on the church sometimes, and lives right across the street.

Scott got up and went to the door to meet him, however when he opened the door there was nobody there, but we still heard the footsteps. We checked every room down the hallway, thinking maybe the youth leader knew we were in the church, and wanted to play a prank on us for staying up so late. After getting tired of looking, we started to get annoyed and just went back to playing the game thinking that eventually, our youth leader would come out of hiding to meet us. 30 minutes past, and we were still playing halo, when we heard the footsteps again.

This time however, me and Scott decided to hide in front of the doors, ready to scare our youth leader, as he open the doors. The footsteps grew closer, and closer, and then finally we heard the door click, but it didn't open. We stayed there waiting, thinking maybe the youth leader was just peering through the window on the door, trying to see if he could see us. Scott looked underneath the crack of the door to see that there was nobody there.

The door clicked again, and then shook violently. This made me and Scott jumped back, and stand up. Scott swung the doors open, to see that there was no one on the other side, and that there was no way for someone to have shook the door, and run away that quickly. As we would've seen them run into one of the other rooms. This time we searched the entire church, and couldn't find anything, or anyone. After that we decided to pack up our stuff, and leave the church. We went back home, calling it a night. The next morning, we asked our youth leader if he had been at the church that night, and he said that he was a sleep in bed with his wife at that time.

Me and Scott, went back to the church Thursday night, to see if something would happen again, However nothing ever did. We have investigated the church more than once around midnight, and other times, but still, nothing compared to what happened that night, has happened ever again.
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