My name is Lexie and at the time In this story I was 11years of age. I was in 7th grade in a school let's call it CMS. I stayed for tutoring one day,and I was walking down the hall.The lights went off in the hallway because the lights go off when there's no movement. As I was walking down the hallway I see something come out of this classroom. I knew it wasn't the teacher she already left and it wasn't set like her. The classroom I was going to  was the first one on the hall and I didn't have far to go. So I walked really fast to the teachers classroom let's call the teacher Miss R. I was scared of the dark (still am even more) When I got to Miss R's class room she told me to stand in the hallways because she was talking to another teacher.While I was standing in the hallways I thought,that I should get water while I was out there.while I was walking to get water the shadow like figure was walking to me,then it vanished and I never seen the shadow again.

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